New to Burn-In?

What is Earphone Burn-In ? It is the process of making your fresh pair of earphones exercise music playback, so that you can get optimum performance from them in the long run.

Why do I need to Burn-In?

A fresh pair of earphones from the assembly line are tested for performance and output, although their speakers did not have enough time for playback before being packed. This implies that the speaker diaphram - which accurately produces the voice coil's sound waveform - is still tight, and needs to loosen up a little. For a more vigorous output performance, you have to stress the driver by letting the earphones play music at least for 40 hours.

How do I Burn-In my new Tekfusion Earphones?

There are many methods of burning-in your earphones. The most widely used method is to play an array of different music genres. This will help you do a test run for an entire audio spectrum. All the different music files have to be played at medium volume levels, to avoid any damage to speakers during initial stages of burning in. The best way to ensure you have stressed the driver with the entire audio spectrum is to play frequency sweeps, radio, white & pink noise, sound channel mixes, heavy drums, and more at a medium volume level.

For how long do I need to Burn-In?

A one-time stressful burn-in can be harmful to your earphone drivers. During the initial stages, the speaker cones are feeble, and over-straining can damage them. Your best bet is to cycle your burn-in by playing different music in a period of 4 to 5 hours per day, for many days. You can burn-in for 40 to 500 hours, and for every 4 to 5 hours of playback; you have to provide your earphones a rest period.

How mandatory is it?

Well, not all audiophiles agree to the requirement for burning-in headphones, so no, it is not at all mandatory to burn-in your headphones.

‘Sound Quality’ as we know, is a subjective field, and what sounds good to one’s ear might not sound the same to another. Our burn-in guide is targeted for those who are die-hard believers of burn-in, and have experienced a noticeable difference in the audio performance, both pre and post burn-in. In our opinion, there is no harm in giving it a try and being your own judge!

If you do not wish to burn-in your pair of headphones with the burn-in player, you can try playing different kinds of music genres and over time, your earphones will break-in anyway.