My earphones are producing very loud sound. What can i do ?
Turn your source device volume down. Please note that very loud sound can cause hearing impairment.
There is too much bass, or too much treble, or unappealing audio performance. How do i solve this ?
The audio production quality greatly depends on two things: the audio codec of the target device, and the audio bitrate of the music.
Optimize the equalizers of your target device (if any) to get preferable, fine-tuned listening experience.
One channel stopped working (L/R side). What do i do ?
This is a technical issue and can be repaired. Please contact us through our warranty page.
I am getting distorted sound. How can i solve this ?
You are probably using a low quality source file, or there is dust or earwax accumulation on the filter, at the nozzle of the earpieces.
This can be cleaned, by removing the filter and cleaning it with plain water, and placing it back onto its nozzle once dry.


Use the appropriate size and shape of Eartips to get a perfect seal on your ear canals for optimum sound output. Over long time of usage, the silicon eartips bundled with the Twinwoofers may be filled with ear wax and dust. To clean your eartips, follow the procedure below :

1. Remove the Eartips from the Right & Left earpieces of the Twinwoofers
2. Soak the eartips in warm soapy water for 15 minutes
3. Then place them in clean water to get rid of the soap, dust or any impurities
4. Rinse eartips and let them dry for at least an hour
5. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe any water on the Eartips
6. Plug the eartips back onto the Frontal Tubes of the housing


Tekfusion earphones come with a universal 3.5mm jack, which is supported by almost all modern mobile devices. Before purchasing, carefully read the product description with specifications, because not all headphones will have in-line microphone. In case your device isnot supported, you may return the product back within 2-3 days of receiving it, with it’s original packaging, without any visible damages.


Do not wear earphones during attention-demanding situations such as; while driving or crossing the street. Very loud music can lead to hearing loss. Turn the source volume to moderate, before placing the earphones in ear canals.