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Be the King of Your Music!

Upgrade your audio experience from that of a regular listener to that of an audiophile. Tekfusion's KingTips™ are Sweat-Proof foam Eartips which offers the highest level of comfort while you spend quality time with your music!

Fix the KingTips™ on your earphones, pinch the foam material, plug-in your earphones and experience music, more flawlessly than ever.


Breathable PU Memory Foam Material

KingTips™ are made up of breathable memory foam, 50 times more skin-friendlier than traditional silicon/rubber eartips.

The characteristic nature of this super-soft material enhances your comfort level to avoid strain to your ear canals over extended period of music enjoyment.


Zero Risk of Earphones Falling Off

KingTips™ helps you get a snug fit. When you pinch the eartip between your thumb and index finger, it contracts, and once plugged into the ear canal, it retracts back, taking the shape of your ear canal, hence providing a perfect seal.

Due to the friction between the eartips and the skin, the eartips are forced to stay intact, allowing you to move freely without worrying about your earphones from falling off.


Uncompromising Comfort

When you switch from the traditional silicon eartips to the KingTips™ , you will never feel like going back! With the utmost comfort of the plush feel against your ear canals, you wouldn't want to stop your Music from playing!


Blocks External Noise Without Losing Resolution

The KingTips™ can block twice as much external noise as that of a traditional silicon ear adapter, without compromising the resolution of audio.

The presence of foam around an end-to-end silicon tunnel arrests the foam from absorbing sound; therefore, you can enjoy countless hours of noise-free, high-resolution playback, be it at the gym, on a bus, plane or any other noisy environment.


Convert your In-Ear Headphones to Sweat Proof

With KingTips™ , you can enjoy your music at the gym or while exercising, without worrying about sweat. The surface of Tekfusion's KingTips™ is made up of sweat-proof coating, which prevents sweat from getting inside your earphones' nozzles.

You can now move freely, sweat, and yet enjoy your music, without thinking twice about the safety of your earphones.


No Manual

This product does not come with a manual.
The standard KingTips™ does not hold any warranty due to hygienic purposes.
The average life of this product is about 4-6 Months, after which it can be replaced.
A List of All Compatible Headphones


23rd Aug 2017

if you plan to get this read my review

First of all, the price of this earpieces is very low, and its worth it for sure - great comfort and luxury to wear headphones even when you are sweating at the gym. Only 1 consideration if you get this pairs, get an extra because over time of around 5 months these will wear out and you will be addicted to the awesome feeling of it in your ears. I say get 2 pairs it will last you whole year round.!


16th Aug 2017


d tips I got for ma M2 along with d order and it rocks! Sorry...rock and rolls...easy to install, love its sweat-proof nature...and its only Rs.200, so I got myself 2 pairs just in case it wear out. overall 5/5 for d tips.


11th Aug 2017


First off thx to Tekfusion for sending in this awesome tips in 2 days. unlike silicon buds, they give better fit, dont slide off when sweating and overall feels great to the skin... at under 200rs, these are absolutely worth every penny!


07th Aug 2017


These eartips are very lightweight and soft. You will have to attach the eartips to your earphones, and pinch the foam then plug them in. once they're in your ears, they will sit tight and no worries about earphones falling off after that...just lovely concept. I love them.


04th Aug 2017

Nice upgrade option.

I been using my old Twinwoofers earphones from 2 years! the earphones are very well made, although the new ones look better...after getting the kingTips the experience is def improved....!

Harpreet. S

04th Aug 2017

ordered these with Twinwoofers M 2.0 best experience ever

I got this along with my M2 earphones, and the experience was mind boggling....
superb comfort level...!


31st Jul 2017

fits very well

i like these tips coz they are very plushy, soft and great smooth texture....after u put them properly in ur ears, they will stay put for as long as u want to hear da music. its a great investment for a pair of especially if you own any earphones.


27th Jul 2017

love d experience!

these are very soft, cushion-like eartips which works really great for any earphone and what I liked da most is that it sits inside your ears perfect, giving a very nice feel.. absolutely worth the money!


25th Jul 2017


Very Comfortable. Bass is increased but at the cost of highs. Overall, I am satisfied!


24th Jul 2017

best comfort

I chose to upgrade my eartips of the twinwoofers m 2.0 headset. the default silicon eartips are good but what you get with these is just a whole different ball game, very good comfort, absolutely loved it.!


22nd Jul 2017


Got this eartips delivered today...its the ultimate replacement of silicon buds...very soft to the skin and feels amazing when listening to music. Must try!


20th Jul 2017

gives a better seal in ears...worth it...

I'm now using these with my Twinwoofers M 2.0 headset, and it gives music a new meaning. I can hear my music for hours and hours without feeling like I'm wearing anything...literally the best buds on the planet! just go for it, you will love it.


19th Jul 2017

Very comfortable

I prefer these tips compared to the silicon as its helping me listen to my music without the earbuds falling off, absolutely worth more than the price paid for, for only 199 its just a steal deal!


18th Jul 2017

Received my pairs and its heavenly...

I thought Tekfusion will deliver it by 24th but today I received my pairs and its out of this world. yes, they fit perfectly, just have to pinch the eartips and wear em. it stays put for long time, surely recommending it to everyone. !

Hetal M.

17th Jul 2017

ordering for my ecoofers...

I like the design of this eartips, esp. the fact that theyre made of foam, so it's going to feel great to the ears. I'm am die hard fan of music and using my ecoofers from past 5 months and just ordering this pairs for enhancing my experience..


14th Jul 2017

super-awesome deal..

I was looking around for these from many days and finally Tekfusion has broken the code for making it the lowest cost in India. I ordered these lets see how it works well with my headphones...


13th Jul 2017

Looking good...

Just placed an order for these...they look fantastic and more plushy than the silicon default buds...will go well with my pair of Twinwoofers...waiting to get my buds delivered...


12th Jul 2017


I'm excited about these eartips. I am find it hard to use my silicon earbuds sliding off over time and these seem to solve the problem. Ordered 2 pairs just in case they wear out in 6 months.


10th Jul 2017

given my pre-order.

Looking forward for the new ear tips... looks lovely though, can't wait to feel the cushions inside my ears. So that I can sleep while listening to my music calmly :)