Ecoofers Bass In-Ear Headphones

Tekfusion engineers are always thinking forward to make headphones that deliver sound in its purest form. The classic high end full range speakers sounded like bliss as a result of the right choice of materials. And now; so do the Tekfusion Ecoofers™ In-Ear Headphones.

The hand-crafted Ecoofers™ brings you the essence of sound uniformity with their duo material composure- Al and Timber — two of natures best resources. Their dynamic airtight transducers and a contemporary chassis, designed with a special bass port, delivers nothing but uncompromising sound experience.


Al-Timber Chassis

The Ecoofers enclosures feature a combination of two of the nature’s best resources — metal and wood, which gives the enclosures the low-resonance characteristic of both worlds.


Ergonomic Design

At a weight of only 5g per housing, you will not feel that you are wearing the headphones. You can keep enjoying your favorite music effortlessly, for hours together, without ever feeling ear strain.


Tangle Free Cable

Whether you store your earphones in your pockets, backpack or drawer, be rest assured that it will not tangle. The flat cable of the Ecoofers also helps easy rolling the cable for easy storage.


Snug Fit

Everybody's ear canals are different in size, therefore, the Ecoofers comes with 3 pairs of regular shaped eartips: small, medium and large. A trial of all the eartips will help you select the ones most suitable for your canals.


HD Dynamic Drivers

The enclosures of the Ecoofers are packed with 10mm airtight dynamic transducers loaded with power of neodymium for accurate vocals and powerful bass.


Less Vibration and Noise

Both wood and metal have low vibration properties compared to plastic used in generic earphones. This feature helps produce audio in a pure, accurate form.


Sound Isolation

Sit back and enjoy noise-free music, whether you are relaxing, or on a bus or plane traveling. The skin-friendly silicon eartips will help block the environmental noise, so that nothing comes between you and your music!



Ecoofers comes with a 3.5mm universal jack, which is compatible with majority of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and music players.



Store your earphones safely in the handy fabric pouch while not using, for keeping them new at all the times!


Not Available

Ecoofers does not come with a manual. This product comes with a 6 months limited warranty on technical issues. To claim it, please visit our warranty claim page. Please find more information about usage of this product here.


04th Feb 2017

The product is kind-a okay type. Doesn't worth your 1000 bucks.

Talking about the comfort it's really good but there are some issues regarding the tangle free cable after few months it doesn't work properly no matter how much ever care you take. One side of the earphones does not work or the cable gets loose near the nob region. Overall rating - 2.5/5


20th Sep 2016

Wow..these are good earphones!

Best sound quality. I would definitely recommend this Ecoofers to a friend. The earphones came with good packaging, not to mention the very soft and comfortable ear-sleeves, and the bamboo accents on this looks very natural and true to its name.


10th Sep 2016

Not a review but will leave one once it gets delivered

Just placed a COD for these looks amaging will wait for 2-3days as mentioned waiting time will come back here and will leave a proper review.. like exploring new potential websites..seen some go big this one i really like the products and website lets see if you guyz dilever what you promised These five rating are just to keep you strong.. the real rating will be when i get the prduct