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Change your way of listening to Music!

“Every beat is important” - This is the principle that led to the genesis of the Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones. Their built-in HD dynamic speaker systems yield dynamic bass and a high level of audio precision that gives you a topnotch music-listening experience.


Light Weight

At only 9.5g, you won't feel the weight of the earphones for longer hours. This helps you enjoy your music for countless hours, without ever getting the feeling of strain on your ears.


All-Metal Chassis

Similar to the Black Edition, the White Chrome Edition of Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones has an all-metal housing giving them a premium rigidity, contrary to the ordinary headphones, assuring longevity.


Ergonomic Housing

The hourglass shape of the Twinwoofers White Edition gives you full control of handling the earphones, during replacement of the eartips, and provides comfort while wearing, as it takes helps the curvy part rest on your ear's antitragus


Look & Feel

The White Chrome Edition of the Twinwoofers has an all-white glossy finish, with glossy black logo and ring accents. This easily matches mobile devices which are white, black or grey.


Fitting & Comfort

With upto 5 pair of Eartips, you can easily choose the ones which suits you best! The eartips are made of silicon, a skin friendly material that makes the ear canals feel no irritation while enjoying music.


Dynamic Speaker Design

The 10mm HD dynamic drivers of the Twinwoofers deliver an outstanding audio quality, to enjoy your music as loud and clear as possible; and the precision of bass gives you a top-notch listening experience when it comes to bass-demanding music.


All-Metal Chassis

The military grade aluminium used in the construction of Twinwoofers gets rid of the unnecessary resonance, which is a major problem with majority of the low-quality earphones. This ensures that the audio is resonance and rattle free.


Sound Isolation

The world out there is very noisy, but we understand that this shouldn't stop you from enjoying your music, which is why we provide sound-isolating eartips which blocks the external noise from the environment, so that you can enjoy your music without worries!



Any device, be it a mobile phone, a music player or a laptop, uses 3.5mm audio jack, which the Twinwoofers comes equipped with. Enjoy your music across multiple devices, without having to worry about the compatibility issues.


Cable Management

Twinwoofers features a cable management system, which helps you to adjust the length of the cable from the Y splitter to the chassis. This is to avoid the earphones from moving while performing any physical activities or during movement.


Storage & Protection

Keep your earphones safe while you are not using them. The Twinwoofers comes with a handy premium quality pouch that will protect your earphones, no matter where you carry them!



Download the Twinwofers Manual to learn more about the product specifications and usage guidelines. The manual also indicates on the terms and conditions of the limited 1 year warranty, and the procedure to claim it.


29th Jan 2018

One of Greatest Earphones

It's the bestest on of the love I've ever conquered, Nice sleek design and sound quality is awesome plus the service if one takes is best and representative is very helpful... Even I lost it for some unknown reason so I'm now buying M2 (the latest version)...


27th Oct 2016

experience was nothing but good

earphones look and feel very premium, and sound is absolutely worth it for the price paid. now I got to make sure my dog does not chew its cable. ;)


06th Sep 2016

Immersive sound experience

I don't normally prefer large headphones so I purchased this, thinking that they will suffice my need for traveling, as I travel a lot! Surprisingly enough, I found these to be perfect for use. The audio, out of these little earbuds feels like coming from some high resolution audiophile speakers used in studios. Loved every bit of the experience...Thumbs up..!

David S

01st Sep 2016

Worth it..!

Will definitely recommend these. For the bucks I paid, it's surely worth every penny. Sound is very clean, and not to mention, thanks to Tekfusion again for the super-fast delivery.


23rd Aug 2016

Impressive, Value for Money Headphones..

I was a little skeptic about these headphones until I finally got them. I must say, for the price they are offered here, the quality in terms of sound, build and comfort is impressive. The bass is very deep, as though sound coming from two large subwoofers installed in my ears. The tonal quality, and clarity is more than what I initially expected. Go for it without a second though.!