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Sound In Its Purest Form

The new generation of Tekfusion's mobile phone headset delivers loud, accurate sound with deep bass in a small form factor. With its built-in remote-controlled microphone, experience echo-free voice calls for better experience. Control your music on the go, with the clicks of a button!


Premium Quality Enclosures

Worry less about the longevity of your earphones, because the Twinwoofers® M 2.0 chassis is made up of premium quality, high grade aluminum to withstand heavy duty usage.


Ergonomically Contoured

The unique hourglass shape of the earpieces gives them a natural feel while handling. Your wearing experience is also enhanced, due to this design, as the far edge of the housing will rest perfectly on your ear’s anti-tragus.


Low Weight

The Twinwoofers® M 2.0 weighs only 9.5g without the cable. Now experience countless hours of music, without the feeling of strain to your ears!


Matte Black Finish

Let's face it! A black headset will match any colored phone, including white, to bring in some contrast. The Twinwoofers M 2.0 comes with a complete matte black finish with silver accents, which gives them a premium, top-notch look and feel.


Snug Fit

Everyone has different size of ear canals, which is why Tekfusion delivers up to 5 different varieties of ear-adapters to give you a snug fit. Passive noise isolation plays extreme importance while communicating in a noisy environment.


Music - As Intended By Composer

The 10mm HD Dynamic drivers of the Twinwoofers M 2.0 are made with carefully chosen premium parts. Explore a whole new world with your music which is all about those tiny details that counts to the overall sound experience in music. From the shiny sparkles of the high frequency notes to the thumping deep bass of the lows, Twinwoofers M 2.0 helps you truly connect to your favorite music.


Remote Feature

The microphone on the Twinwoofers M 2.0 gives you echo-free calls. With a single button on the remote, get control over your calls and music at any given time.


Call Function

To answer a phone call, single click on the button on the remote, and to terminate the call, press it again.


Music Function

To start music playback, press the button once, and to pause the playback, press it again. Depending on your Android®, Apple® or Windows® music player settings, you can seek to next track by either double clicking the button and long pressing the button to go to previous track or vice-versa.


Sound Isolation

Twinwoofers M 2.0 cancels up to 20dB of ambient noise. Passive noise cancellation gives your calls a whole new meaning. They make your phone calls sound much more clearer without worrying about the noises in public areas.



The 3.5mm CTIA audio jack is compatible with most Android®, Windows® and Apple® phones. There are third party adaptors that further enhance device compatibility across all smartphones.



Portability has never been this easy. Twinwoofers® M 2.0 comes with a high quality protective case that will help you keep your pair of headset always new!



Download the Twinwofers Headset Manual to learn more about the product specifications and usage guidelines. The manual also indicates on the terms and conditions of the limited 1 year warranty, and the procedure to claim it.


16th Apr 2018

Oh my bass...!

Earbuds are solid for Rs.1999, one of da best I have ever bought. Bang for the buck! Superb bass....I LOVE IT!


12th Apr 2018




07th Apr 2018

product is good...

my friend got one from amazon and just on same day I got mine from here. its total worth the money! sound - super powerful bass is very high and nice!


03rd Apr 2018

At Rs.1999, its bang for the buck!

i have used many earphones from amazon, flipkart and so on, and mostly they came to me as fake, but this time around, i decided to invest on something different, so i came here, ordered for the new M 2.0 from tekfusion - received this product just within 2 days and to my surprise, they do sound pretty decent for the price - they have unusually clear mids-highs and very clear vocal quality and very decent punchy bass. this earphones you should surely try it if you are looking for sound originality and a deep bass, which ofcourse you will not get in other earphones at this price in fact, not even in some overpriced products like bose.


30th Mar 2018


Really really good product. I use this on a daily basis.. The bass level is so pretty high and very deep, and without sacrificing the crystal clear audio quality... There is a surprise to this... The quality of sound improves over time of burning it in for at least 200 hours of playback... I recommend these over beats by dre tours which my dad used to use when he got it from the UK. Ever since then after i gave him these Twinwoofers M 2.0, he said its absolutely worth the quality... Kudos to the team. Love the work and keep it up!

Danny P.

27th Mar 2018




27th Mar 2018

they didnt ship in local areas of west bengal.

i live in the inner parts of west bengal and after ordering everything went good. two days later the courier rejected my parcel and sent back to company. they didnt ship me. applied for refund and they refund me in 1 day. im not happy.


24th Mar 2018

1 pair does it all...!

I'm just in love with my new M 2.0s - Sound is a lot more present and sharper than the first edition of this been using from like ages.
Best bass earphones for anything - conference calling, chatting, music, movies and entertainment at gym. Go for it.!
Love the tekfusion brand.


22nd Mar 2018

Superior sound

Got in just 2 days, unlike other earphone i got in past, like sony, this one is more clear and definitely i can feel stronger bass punch in it. Just buy this. Its worth!


20th Mar 2018

Once tekfusion, always tekfusion.

Time does fly fast. I remember buying my first pair of twinwoofers back in 2011 from flipkart. Ofcourse that one doesnt work as my dog chewed its wires. Fast forward today i received the new M 2.0 and i was surprised by the improvement in cable, sound and overall quality of the product. This is a must have.


16th Mar 2018

Nice one..

Used so many products before this....Iike listening to music in a concert...its sound is from all 5.1 hi fi surround sound. If your getting this then must try KingTips as well... best combo.


15th Mar 2018

In-depth review after 3 months....

I used this product for at least 3 months and I'm writing this review after severe usage. First thing you will notice when you buy is that you will not like its packaging. That's an obvious point, but if you are not the kind of person bothered by packaging, like me, then this point don't matter. Secondly, this product comes with a very hard premium carry case, and its beautiful. Thirdly, the cable is perhaps the most durable in any in-ear headphones I have got from amazon or anywhere else till date. Last and most importantly, the sound. The M 2.0 is like a father of the M 1.0 in terms of sound. You can't go wrong with sound when it comes to Tekfusion. It's loud and rich, and the bass is just stunning, as always with any Tekfusion products.

I would advice you to get it, just in case you value your music more than an ordinary human. You won't be disappointed, at least I didn't get any disappointment or regrets of buying.


15th Mar 2018

dont buy from here

this is a very satisfactory Product but my advice is pls pls pls to not to buy from here and to get from amazon its cheaper there. you can buy from paytm also. its a bit cheaper there.


06th Feb 2018

Better than M 1.0

Before buying this i was using the 1st series of M. This one is surely like a new milestone. Improved sound wire n overall a better product. Keep it up!

Mr. Rao

28th Jan 2018

Sound was good...worth the price

I'm impressed with the sound. Especially i like the bass kick and instrument precision on my M2 pairs. Its very handy for traveling and works brilliant in any situation. Just get the kingtips foam eartips with this product. It makes experience much better.
Best earphones designed by Indian company - Tekfusion!


18th Jan 2018


I received dese bad boyz today n i can tell you just 1 thing. Loudness...loudness..loudness.. dese headsets are utterly loud, with super-sonic sound dat just blasts da ears if you put in full-volume....every instrument... every note... every thump of bass.... what can i say... its best i ever got. JUST GO FOR IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT A LOT!


05th Jan 2018


I was using wireless earphones before i finally made my mind to buy these - luckily i don't have to charge my headsets anymore and these sound brilliantly well - KingTips with it - its simply a beast combo everr


29th Dec 2017

Nice sound

Very awesome best with all songs....muzt try indian product ever!

Sher. Singh

25th Dec 2017

Was it worth 2k ? My original review.

First off, i got this product shipped to me within 3 days of ordering so my delivery was swift and easy. Theres nothing much to talk about the packaging here as the main thing you are paying for are the headsets.... coming to the audio of the product, the vocal clarity and instrumental seperation is incredibly good... its hard to manipulate how well this is done through every individual track you play with it.... the bass... superb not too overpowering or underpowering... Its best for an audiophile... overall the accessories are great. My only advice... if your spending 2k on these then just get the KingTips with it...icing on cake....absolutely!


19th Dec 2017

Exceptionally great pairz 🎧

I simply 🖤 these headset from day 1 i got them delivered. Its so cool how they handle audio by simply producing very crystal clear instruments. And the bass on theze little monster is boomy and well controlled. If u are deeply concerned about your Music then this is the product you need. Just go for it without second thoughts 👌🎧❤


17th Dec 2017



Shyam P.

16th Dec 2017

5 star for product, 3 star for my delivery

I stay in out of station of the city, so I understand my parcel usually get late, but I just didn't like how late it got this time....Even though it was surely 100% worth the wait...da earphones are gems. clean sound and bass boost....every song feels like a new song with these earphone...absolutely bang for the buck guys, go for it!


13th Dec 2017

Best sound experience ever!

I was amazed with the audio of this product, simply. loved it in every way...the sound was great, top notch, build quality is solid, and wires is very only disappointment was the packaging, although it was worth the wait. 100% recommended.!


28th Nov 2017

Loving it.

I got this to replace my bose mie2 and to my surprise these sound just as good, in fact the bass of the M 2 is slightly better in terms of impact. I love the nice hard carry case it comes with. Must try the KingTips with this its makes overall experience fantastic.


24th Nov 2017

Almost perfect headphone

I've got my pair of Tekfusion Twinwoofers M 2.0 headphones couple of weeks back. I could see why it gets all the praises. Its the attention they've put in this product design. It scores in build quality and durability, which other big audio companies fails to include in their headphones in this price range. I am no audiophile, so I could not go into detail about the sound quality, but it is safe to say it sounds better than most of the other headphones in this price range or even higher.


16th Nov 2017

Best Earphone in this price range

I am really enjoying the bass this earphone offers and this is by far the best earphone I have used so far....I have used several earphones skullcandy, sennheiser, sony etc but none of them matches the bass this earphone has ......Go for it, wont be disappointed.

04th Nov 2017

Great bass and sound quality

I got this set after 1 week of my order from Amazon. I am not quite satisfied with the delivery. When comes to price, website has 1539 and Amazon has 1990 rupees. I over paid 450 rupees. Other than that sound quality and bass is very good. Quality is clyster clear. You will get variety of Q tips. I would recommend this to everyone.


29th Oct 2017

Just buy it, its price might increase!

I got this product at 2499 when it was released, and the product is an audiophile's dream come true. At the price its offered now- I got one more pair for myself and my mum. I don't have any complaints so far although Tekfusion did change the packaging, but who cares. The headphones are working like charm and d best sound quality - even bose and denon can't match the audio of these headphones (saying it from my past experience).


03rd Oct 2017

Clearly da beast!

My phones came in about 3 days after ordering and although I got nothing much to say about its packaging, when I put these on for the very first time the feeling of music was ridiculously exceptional....this beast has managed to convince me that no earphone on earth has this earth shattering bass like the M 2.0.....simply one word to describe it's sound....Top Of The Line.

Just buy this, and you won't have to worry about your Music for life...!


27th Sep 2017

Grade A+ Music

These earphones are fantastic. I received them a little late but after I got them, I was extremely happy. I reloaded my playlist with some new songs and guess what? every song delivered in a clearest, crispy, tones and the bass is just outstanding. When you hear bass guitars, and other instruments, it just makes the day seem much better. Simply extraordinary pair of headphones, loved them!


22nd Sep 2017

Worth the wait..!

Friends, trust me, this is the best headset in the market right now...I am using Tekfusion old earphones from almost 4 years and this new one was absolutely worth the went out of stock and is back now, so I grabbed one for my wife in time and she loved it...if music matters for you most, then go for these without giving a second though, you will fall in love! they sound terrific for the price.


07th Sep 2017

Awesome earphone

Excellent earphone.. value for money...but dear techfusion team you need to work on your design.. earphone are little bulky...and...also you can make ear bud soft.... sound is amazing... keep doing good work... waiting for..home theatre from tekfusion...

Jyoti Prakash

31st Aug 2017

Higly Recommend

Got it in 2day after ordering. Awesome bass. Comfortable. Good vocal. Cristal clear sound. Best in the range.


28th Aug 2017

What a nice experience.!

Friends, Just got my pairs 2 days back and ever since then, I couldn't take these headset off my ears....My music seems and feels of much greater quality with the loudness, sharpness and clarity...5/5 for the audio and 5/5 for build quality of these! why trust any foreign brands while you can enjoy much better quality from our Indian brand. I recommend these strongly!


24th Aug 2017

are you kidding....these sound as good as many mid end earphones out there which cost thrice the price

received these earphones in time. ordered the foam tips along with earphones. the foam tips do well and are cheaper (but not bad) than comply foam. good at sound isolation and comfort. earphones themselves sound great. i was skeptical about their performance but i wanted to give try to Indian brand. the only other brand i came across was signature acoustics but they did not offer foam tips and that was a deal breaker for me. having been a big fan soundmagic PL50, twinwoofers are as good as them or infact a little better in bass department. the bass is exceptionally good but not boomy or harsh. listening to them for nearly an hour even before breakin period did not cause any fatigue. i am not a keen audiophile listener but i can tell that bass does not over power mids and highs. all of them are there with slightly emphasized bass which is just fun. in my fiio X3 DAP, i made some adjustments in equalizer and made sound signature suite my taste and right now having blast with them. with break in i only expect them to sound even better. shure se215 are surely (pun intended!) better sounding earphones but compared to them i did not find vast difference with twinwoofers. once you are engulfed in music, i was hardly able to differentiate between them. its a great earphone for the price given that shure se215 cost more than Rs. 6K


23rd Aug 2017

Bass and Audio Boosters

Since ive used many expensive headphones that go beyond price of upto 10k, I never came across a pair of headset specialized in bass boosting like this one. the quality is very high, instrument separation takes place in every note, and the bass is on-spot pleasingly present in every song you hear. This unleashes a whole new essence of high-end listening! A price of Rs.2k is absolutely worth the quality spent for! Get it boys!


21st Aug 2017

Blown away..brilliant sound!

Wow wow...placed my pre-order 3 days ago and today the beast arrived in its matte black avatar ;). just a few words can describe its audio...lit, superb, outstanding, magnificent. and the build is exceptionally strong...bass 5/5...clarity and treble 4/5...just too good!


19th Aug 2017

Worth waiting for it..

dear friends, even if I got my order lately for delivery issue in my area, it was worth waiting for it! audio quality is superb and unparalleled and the best part is that its cable strong and unbreakable, never seen very strong cable in a pair of headset.

friends, this earphones is perfect for high-end audio listening and I want to recommend it to you! tks Tekfusion for making such a nice product. peace!


18th Aug 2017

Bang for the buck!

After using these headsets with my galaxy note 5 for several months i can say its a beast of bass and sound quality overall. Lovd the audio a lot and support from Tekfusion in solving a minor issue with mine is worth mention..but the rest of experience was on an orchestral scale.


16th Aug 2017


simply in lov with dse earphone. pre-ordered and delivered 2day, got it with ma kingtips and sound is terrifically fantastic!!! zero noise when hearing clear sound...100 percent worth money...!


13th Aug 2017

Indian headphone which is better than world-class headphones.

Simply awesome headphones... I am absolutely amazed by the soundquality of this headset. This can really compete in market with world class headsets . True bass is really hitting my ears. Crystal clear audio.You cannot ask for more clearer audio. Build quality is excellent, Good strong jack and earpiece.... Metal outer and logo of the brand looks very nice.... Cable is tangle free...and...cable material is also very strong...that You will feel like its a rope with which you can tie...some's that good.... I am amazed with its quality. And proud from inside that Indian company can manufacture such a piece.


13th Aug 2017

Simply WOW!!!!!

You can get this kind of amazing sound experience only in earphones which are 5 times expensive than this one. 5 stars for sound quality. Thankyou Tekfusion for such a great work. :)


11th Aug 2017

Kickass xperience

Placed preorder and got it in 2 days. Wow that was fast....coming to the earphones, dese are exclusively audiophile quality....sound very crystal clear....bass very smooth and deep....all-round best sound...Dope xperience!!!


10th Aug 2017

Sound of highness...!

Im very very much pleased to hear my music on these in ear canalphones. And to the point that i can hear everything i couldn't with normal headphones. A small word of thanks from me. Friends, i just have to say support this brand, they make products which are so breathtaking. Bless.


09th Aug 2017

The beast is here!

After rough n tough using my old Twinwoofers, i felt like it was time to invest again on the M 2.0. This time, i'd like to thank Tekfusion for their 3rd day delivery, which was quite fast. Secondly, these earphones are great in several ways...First off, haven't heard this good clarity and powerful bass in any small-sized form factored headphones like this one. Also, the build quality is solid just love the thicker tangle-free cable. Loved the pouch -nice and tough case...Overall, I would rate this a 5/5. Money well spent!


07th Aug 2017

the quest is complete...

my quest for high-definition earbudz under rs.2k is finally over with these awesome pairs. whats best is the bass is very powerful and enjoyable overall quality of sound. seriously worth every penny!


05th Aug 2017

Superb 🔊

Man...dese are d best earbudz ☝️ to own...their built like an army tank...cable is uber strong....sound very soothing to da earz...real 2 thumbs up for dese bad boyz... 👍👍🎶

Harpreet. S

04th Aug 2017

Very very good...!

the product was as expected, high-end audio powerhouse....
mic functions on all of my iOS and android devices (phone, tablet and pc)
by far my most favorite earphones now....
go for it with kingtips added, without 2nd thought (best experience ever)...!

02nd Aug 2017


This is such a badass pair of headphones I have ever had so far.... the sound, bass, treble are magical and earth-shattering experience!!!


31st Jul 2017


- great 2nd day delivery - amazing sound quality and clarity - lovely case for storing earphones - very durable cable which tangles less - best indian audio brand in the world. I'm satisfied! you should buy this if you want a product that will go on for long time and especially to go for it if you need loud sound with tons of bass quality...this is the product to go for!


31st Jul 2017

best earphones, especially when combined with kingtips...

had been using dese beasts from 2 weeks now and after upgrading to kingtips foam eartips, i can hear the awesome sound for even longer, just go for it! 5/5 full-on sound experience.


27th Jul 2017


The new twimwoofers are really awesome . I would like to suggest can you guys create an overhead earphone with noise cancelling because this has really cool noise-cancelling. I hate the other headphones which had to be injected deep in ear . This is worth every peeny


26th Jul 2017


Received this product last evening and boy oh boy it is so gud... Bass has a real deep punch to it as if you are in a car with multiple woofers. Sounds just fantastic, a definite must try...!


24th Jul 2017

Mother lord of Bass!

Dear pals, of all da e-phones I've used up until now, dese are d most bass-heavy heapdphones and yet most sound-perfect also. this should be ur priority if u deeply care for ur music to sound as good as it was recorded at d studio. just try 1ce and u will never go to another product again. its dat gud.


24th Jul 2017

It's a beast

I received my earphones last week and I'm writing this after testing them for the whole of last week. the earphones are very beautiful, look eye-catchy when they're on. after using the silicon earbuds, I upgraded to KingTips, gave me extra comfort and earphones didn't ever fall off. what makes me use this headphones day in day out is the super-duper high resolution sound and the accurate smooth bass, very soothing to the ear. it's a full 4/5 in terms of sound, build and mic compatibility.


22nd Jul 2017

Awsum headset..!!!

Friends i got this earphones to replace my earpods for my iphone and to my surprise these sound 10 times better, louder, clearer and bassy....just buy it, you wont regret. Build is also top-class...way better than jbl!

20th Jul 2017

Overall Review

Things I like. 1. Its good to hear vocals and Bass. Particularly Bass is really good. 2. Build quality is top level. 3. Design is geeky, liked it. 3. Mic is decent 5. Uni Key button is also good enough and rightly operated. 6. Not a sports model so at times it might fall of, but to solve this variety of ear buds are given for the right fit. 7. Best part Indian. Needs to improve. 1. Can come in some different colors. 2. A little more concentration on those tiny details of music 3. Can work on some good 3D surround sound - of course with a new price :) 4. It would have been really better if it has outside noise control (helps during driving, to allow some noise to keep control of driving) and volume control. - as it looks like a premium designed product :) 5, Same Quality Sports Model can be introduced. Suggestion to company: Never ever compromise in sound quality. Good product. Thumbs up.


20th Jul 2017

Precious sound ❤

Order was delivered in time and i can say money well spent.! Top notch sound , very deep bass..absolutely a bang 4 da buck! Get it without thinking twice..! 👍


19th Jul 2017


frndz, I rcvd my order 2 days ago, the headset works perfect with any smartphone nd the quality is top-level, feel lighter thn I thout, hav very strong n powerful bass that goes to infinity with many songs nd my music is sounding much clearer like happy with this purchase...just go for it..


19th Jul 2017

★★★★★ 5 Star Experience

I'm not a big time reviewer, but I took my time to review this product because its totally worth its price....

the design of the earphone shells is cutting-edge - so accurately crafted and this is what I think makes the sound of these earphones so spot-on wonderful. It was beautiful to hear my rap and hip hop and ofcourse my collection of bhangra beats on these...
I would suggest to go for these if you want something to last and also provides an outstanding audio experience. these are now my primary headphones.


18th Jul 2017

very nice...excellent performance...

i'm too impressed with these earphones....the audio quality is superb for this price...bass is punchy and soft, not muddy at all...more like listening to home theatre right into your ears with 5.1 surround effect....just go for this if u love music... its worth its cost...


17th Jul 2017

best earphones under 5k.

friends, after using this earphone for around one week, I can say that its a really good value for your money. da quality of cable and earphones is top-notch and the audio is superb its absolutely worth more than money paid for.


15th Jul 2017

Super Cool 🎵🎵

Ever since i received these little monsters, my music library is growing....🎼theyre.. just as someone mentioned the range rover of in ear headphones..both look wise and performance wise... i would say they super magnify the sound output so everything can be heard more... friends if you love your music just go for it without a second thought.. 🔈🔉🔊

S. Verma

14th Jul 2017

Pleasing experience <3 <3

Ordered these on 12th and I received them today. Lovely fast delivery. The earpieces for these earphones are of highest quality in my experience of using several headphones. It does look promising. As far as sound goes, man, what can I say. This the ultimate gadget for a die hard bass head. can't go wrong with it. Buy it if you love your bass.
one more thing I noticed... just because bass is heavy on these buds doesn't mean there is no clarity....! without shadow of a doubt, there is superior clarity... my take on it. Go for it, you wont get disappointed.


13th Jul 2017

outperformed my expectations.....

I was skeptical initially but It has now been about 3 months I'm using these earphones and haven't had any issues till now.. the headset it built really well I particularly liked the aluminium finishing with premium touch to it... sound quality is superb... bass is extraordinary on my earphones, music feels soothing to the ear.... absolutely 5/5 for these earphones...


12th Jul 2017


Friends.. Just got my delivery and can't remove these awesome earphones from my ears after pluggin them. in. I simply fell in love when I put these on, especially after listening to one of my favorite Tyga ft Lil JoN songs - Faded. Bass is outstanding. Overal a 5/5... Absolutely bang for the buck! I would surely recommend you friends....!


10th Jul 2017

Audio at its best

Delivery was fast, as I got my M2s within 3 days. Coming to the earphones... they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, not causing any pain to the ears. Sound is just terrific. bass very deep and extended, treble and highs sharp as a butterfly knife. love the overall experience. If you are thinking to get a pairs that will last you, go for these, they're bang for the buck!


07th Jul 2017

It's like a Bentley of Headphones <3

This is one of d best investments I made so far in a pair of headset.. build quality wise, this headphones is nothin less than a military tank. It's aluminum body is real strongg and yet don't give a hint abt their presence d moment u plug these babies in. D audio is of the highest quality I have ever heard in any headphone till now, and bass is extraordinary punchy. Feeling real proud to own these monsters...


05th Jul 2017 delivery!

I place my order 2 days back and got it today, loved the fast delivery, keep it up.! coming to the earphones, sound is soothing to the ears, loved the concert-type experience while enjoying the music. Definitely recommending it.


04th Jul 2017

Impressed by quality of the audio 🎧

Must say I'm satisfied with this product..😄.Its build quality is just superb, esp the wires. I would describe the sound as crystal clear with zero impurities👂. Bass on these is to die for. As a basshead i would rate it a full 4/5. 🔊 Theyre a great companion friends, do not hesitate to go for it. 👍👍


03rd Jul 2017

Worth every penny spent!

I'm not much of a reviewer as such... I decided to go after the M2s after reading rave reviews about it, and finally made my mind... just in 3 days I got my product...and so my delivery was smooth as butter... coming to the earphones.... I first plugged them into my ears and was simply blown away....sound delivered with accuracy that I didn't expect. The bass has good punch to it, is very much sounding like a real sub-woofer, which is a fact I first doubted but it got cleared after I got these....these are now my primary using them everyday....


30th Jun 2017

Used it for 2 weeks, Time to review!

My new Twinwoofers M2 headphones are simply incredible. I use them to listen to my music rather than videos, games or movies on my phone, but either way, the sound is of the highest quality. They are stylish, rock solid built, have studio quality audio, and I see no reason not to buy them..


30th Jun 2017

Heavenly experience.....<3

Outstanding!!!! I'm very much impressed with audio quality of the M2, first tried to play Bruno Mars 24k Magic and man.....! I was shocked how each and every instrument -guitars drums pianos got separately heard. this is genius.! This headset is suitable to play any song you throw at it, and love the fact that its base is veryyy deep, so deep that the hairs all over my body stood upright... haha..! Just loving every moment with my M2s'.... Friends, this is a perfect headset for its price, absolutely go for it without second though.. I can guarantee you will love <3


28th Jun 2017

Lavish sound...

I ordered this product 2 days back and today got my delivery, product is so amazing... built very well, it is rock solid and sound is amazing too... I use this a lot while commuting, and its fit for any music genres. highly recommending it to all friends.


24th Jun 2017

Awesome Product ♡

Friends, I just got the above product and it's sound output is too superb. Audio is very clear, you can hear every note and separated instrument. Bass is like a powerhouse with a deep punch. I advice you to go for it without worrying. Love frm Delhi..

Sukhvinder s.

24th Jun 2017

i love this headset!

love it!!! when i went to starbucks last week and put these beasts on...i was staggered at how the place became muted..!! brilliant noise cancellation. the sound is way too fantastic. worth every penny...!


23rd Jun 2017

Orchestra xperience 🎵🎶

Dear friends...Received my M2 today....and can't take it off ma ears 😁 having a great xperience listening 2 music 🎶 and it sounds so new....razor sharp audio and impact full bass 🔊....! Just go for it.. you will love it ❤


22nd Jun 2017

Truly amazing headphones

Been wanting to buy some special headphones from a week and this was my delivery in 2nd day and packagin was quite impressive. The m2s are sounding and looking outstandingly fantastic. It's a sweet deal at 2k!


19th Jun 2017

Pure sound.

The M2 is one of the top headphones I have put my money on. Also the best sounding headphones ive used. Built like a tank, it feels sturdy to the touch. Very loud audio without any noise. Absolutely worth the buck spent..just go for it.

Vicky m.

17th Jun 2017

Best headphones I have purchased...🖤🎧

First of all, would like to thank tekfusion for the fast delivery. Got my product in 2 days. 👍 the earphones themselves are premium. Sound is very poweful...highly recommended 🔥 if you care for your music 🎵


16th Jun 2017

Its a beast...

I had to buy this after reading the hindustan times 5 star review of this product. Friends, I am using this product now as my main headset. its best for busy places like bus, train or while relaxed also. it will give very nice sound effects ..


16th Jun 2017

Authentic pureness of sound

Just got my hands-on these lil bad boys. Was very thankful for the quick delivery by bluedart guys, didn't have to call them also. Coming to the M2s. I can bet my life that you will not get better sound quality at this price. As my title says, the audio on these is pretty much authentic, untouched, un-toyed with, and as pure as driven snow and the bass itself as loud as thunder. I don't see anyone getting these will be disappointed.


16th Jun 2017


lov'd d product, its awsum and upto the mark. had no issues with my order, it approached to me in time, lovly headset, would surely recommend...


15th Jun 2017

Top notch....👍👍👍

Got my product today and I am seriously very impressed... Friends I just have to say this is the boss of bass and amplified audio!....
This product has gained my trust on Indian brands!....
Haven't missed a single beat since I got these on my hands!...

Sukshinder S.

15th Jun 2017

Point on audio quality..

I was introduced to Twinwoofers back in 2012 when I first got their product. Haven't changed my audio brand since then. This is another real beast. Get it boys..


14th Jun 2017


Friends... The m2 headphones exceeded my expectations... sound is on par and in some cases better than earphones priced at 3.5 k and above.... my friend owns a cx300 and the m2 has 10 fold better sound.... If you aren't decided just try it, you will never regret your decision....


13th Jun 2017

works with any genre....<3

I'm glad I bought this frm Tekfusion, brilliant fast delivery!. Now I can enjoy any music genre in the purest form. What a decent pair of earphones. Peace!


12th Jun 2017

experience like no other :-)

Didn't want to buy the large sized on-ear headphones cuz they're not comfy over the long run.

I got these beasts and they sound super fantastic. the bass is full on impact and love the high resolution of audio. truly worth it.


12th Jun 2017

A must have for music lover

received my product in time.... smooth online transaction... coming to the earphones, its a must have if you are deeply madly in love with music ... the price 100% justified with the sound delivered... go for it without blinking an eye.


11th Jun 2017

Tiny form. Big Sound. 🔊

The M2s are a bang for the buck people, these little monster delivers very powerful sound for its size. They make your music rock. gives feeling of experiencing a live concert right in your ears. Its worth to go for it. And didnt get any issues with my delivery as well...!.awsum overall experience.


10th Jun 2017

🎵 it's sounding awesome.

Got ma parcel today ma fellows... #earphones are very solid built. A deep bass powerhouse guys, this is here to be my primary source of audio. You gotta try this for sure you'll love it 🖤🖤


09th Jun 2017

Top quality....❤

My product delivery was very fast and reached to me in just 2 days time.! My mind cannot believe what my ears are experiencing. It is that good friends..... Its a quality product and I think after getting this, you will not be needing a home theatre. Why to get it while you can experience this awesome sound of a home theatre right inside of your ears.. ;)


09th Jun 2017

premium fantastic sound

just one word to describe this earphones - mindblowing! I'm using it across any device and it worked like a charm, the same premium sound in any device - my laptop, phone even tablet. its surely worth its price, you can go for it, I doubt if anyone will be disappointed with these. just my 2cents

Rakesh M

08th Jun 2017


Frnds, my xperience wid d earphones is great so far....the earbuds are lightweight, easy 2 wear, vry comfy and easy 2 store....sound is the hero of this product...bass is tight n deep, treble and mids very wide range n defined....should def try it for urself...5/5 from me..


05th Jun 2017

Awesome Bass

Received my order today. This is the holy grail of Bass. The base on these earphones goes way too deep, that you will definitely feel the thunder deep in your ears. I usually have to turn the bass down just to get a more pleasant experience. The name of this earphones, Twinwoofers makes perfect sense.

The bass is more, but these earphones are great in another way that they don't sacrifice treble and vocals at the expense of bass. The sound remains as clear as a non-cloudy day, and you can easily hear any instrument in your song.

I would suggest this to you if you are looking for bass, and at the same time a clearly defined music experience. Peace!


03rd Jun 2017

2 good yaar!

Normally I will not review any product, but after hearing this earphones for the first time, I couldn't stop but write this. I'm loving this earphones from day1. I had my eye on it for days, and now that I got my pair, I can enjoy brilliant music coming out of this bad boy, have good fitting with the small size eartips, no problem there.

Will I recommend this to a friend ? Hell Yeah!


03rd Jun 2017

Best under 5k

To put my review into words, I would rate this a full-on 5/5. reason? its the best you will buy in India, at 2k. I have used monster isport which costed 7k during my trip to USA. this earphones have challenged those isports and proved to be better for a price of only 2k. its well worth the money guys, just go for it

Rahul S

03rd Jun 2017

Details details and some more details....

As my title says, this earphones is all about the detail in music. Sound is very sharp, bright and clear as a star. The best thing abt these is big bass in small pockets. The bass is huge and impactful. I'm enjoying this masterpiece...


01st Jun 2017

Practically D Best and Also Price-Wise.

Thinking that I would use this in my frequent trips, I purchased this product and I got my delivery real fast. This didn't come to me as an incident. I'm an audiophile and love my music more than anything in this world. I heard a lot about Tekfusion before I decided to buy these, and it seemed to me like a trustworthy company.

Feature-wise, these earphones are solid. They have that premium sound which I was looking for, as in my past I had used plastic earphones and trust me, the clarity and presence of instruments can be felt very vividly on these earphones. You instantly get hig-resolution sound, which is rare on plastic-type earphones.

I'm also impressed with the matte carry case, which looked and feels premium. Enough of talking, time to get back to my Music. LOL.


01st Jun 2017


I wanted to try these after seeing their name Twinwoofers. Prepaid my order immediately, within 5 hours I got my tracking ID. Within 2 days received my product. Lovely quick delivery! Coming to the headset - It's a full ON HD quality straight after hearing a couple of songs! After listening to some Busta Rhymes, couldn't stop but hear the next track. These earphones have 2 things that impressed me the most - first is the HD quality sound with Plenty of bass. Second is the build quality of wires. Two fantastic combinations.! If you think you can get a better quality headset at this price, I'm sure you wont! My 2 cents - Hit the buy button without thinking anymore!


31st May 2017

Lovely earphones.

I'm using this for a week now and I just love these earphones. gud bass. gud quality case .nothing can beat this earphones in terms of bass...worth every penny...!


29th May 2017

Fabulous headphones...!

I live in a very noise place and so I decided I wanted a pair of earphones that can block external noise and gave it a try..... placed my order with netbanking and it was quick. Received my order two days later....These BEASTS came with a huge surprise..... Bass so strong that it feels like someone just fitted two quad ground zero woofers on my ears both sides... Yes the bass is very strong on these.... Rest of audio is like flawless with no noise at all..... and my original idea that this would be used to block noise also worked...... guys... you gotta try these you will realize that jbl and Sony have lost their virginity to Tekfusion....


28th May 2017

Bass at its best. Sound at its best.

I purchased this never knowing they will turn out to be so fantastic. The headset works like a charm with any phone for communication. The noise isolation is spot on. Perhaps the best bass performance earphones I've used in a while. They are comfortable too. Will definitely recommend to a friend.


27th May 2017


Having used it for 1 month, time to review this product.

What came in package

1 Pouch
Pair of headphones with all its glory
Cable Clip
5 pair of eartips

The pros:

Sound is big. Very loud - vocals (5/5), treble (4/5), bass (5/5)
Pouch is of good quality
Earphones wires very sturdy
Works with ios and android
Mic worked very good and clear
worth its price, absolutely


Didn't find any cons so far. Only that mic didn't have volume adjuster, but that's rare in higher end audiophile headphones

My overall rating: 5/5, as this is an example of an epic product.

Baman C

27th May 2017

Superb product.

Got this for my trip next week.... Razor sharp audio and the full surrounding bass... Just an overall satisfying experience... This is a 5 star headset for me...


26th May 2017

5 reasons this earphone is the best..!

I will note bore you with a long review. I just have a few points worth notice for buying this product. I have personally bought this product from this website. Firstly, I loved the buying experience on Tekfusion's modern website, placed a prepaid order for this product, and it was shipped by Bluedart express. Secondly, this is an Indian company, which is a matter of appreciation for me.

Thirdly, and most importantly, this product has everything you expect in a high end audio product - be it audio sharpness, transparency, fidelity, balance, heavily boosted bass which can be moderated in a mobile app or device.

Fourthly, this company is only making earphones, so it is an audio-only company, focusing their research on high-end audio. Fifth is they have an outstanding customer support. I have seen many indian companies failing at this point. My friend, who was also got an old pair of Twinwoofers said to me that Tekfusion treats their customers very well, and I have not see any unanswered queries or complaints on the internet. Wherever i saw a complain, i also saw Tekfusion's response, which was always great way to connect with their customers.

I would like to recommend this, of course on the basis of my judgement that it one of the best investment I've done in my audio stack. You may go for it without any concern for safety.


25th May 2017


I love my music. I hear hip hop, trap, trance, rock and remixes, alternative melodies and rhymes. I used to be a DJ for private gatherings for about a decade ago. I first wanted to try these Twinwoofers M2, so I got my first test with a friend, I just fell in love like a romeo. The balance is incredible, the acoustics is purely clarified with these little tornados and I realized that Tekfusion is not just some bogus company, rather, it is a genuine company wanting to deliver incredible audio experience.

I went through my friends pairs and from that day I decided I needed these earphones very badly. And I finally got my pairs today. Friends, this is an awesome product and it's a definite bang for the buck. The price is less than the quality you pay suggestion, go for it and you will enjoy it.


25th May 2017

Love it.......!

I ordered Twinwoofers M2 as I hate big size headphones which suffocate my ears entirely. I did my research and found that Tekfusion is a homegrown company in India with an amazing story behind its core team. I pre-ordered with netbanking and received product 2nd day of order. earphones came in very good packaging, loved the experience of unboxing it... Coming to the audio, these little monster produces sharp, accurate music with full bass. the bass effects are very spacious and big. just loving every moment with it. Such an awesum product....


23rd May 2017


Best pair of headphones I have ever owned. they're so comfortable, easy to store, awesome companion while commuting or at gym, and the best thing is that you can make your friends jealous by using it. If you're not sure to go for them (like I was before), I suggest you try it and you will realize how awesome they are, and I'm sure you'll fall in love like I did. The quality is what makes this product well worth the price. I think with this kind of designs, I'm looking forward to more products from Tekfusion.


23rd May 2017

Best headphones designed in India.

I don't like foreign products, in fact If I feel that something which is designed or made by an Indian company will be my best bet to try. Although over the years I got a few disappointment but when I tried Tekfusions it was a whole new ball game. I was pleasantly surprised with their fast delivery, and it was way to fast, just to my liking. I got my product the very next day of the order (around evening).

I'm not going to go in-depth about this product but in a short review, I would say that these beasts are a thing of beauty and perform like a real audio beast. The sound is very loud on these earphones, and the bass is just outstanding. I read a review about this product on HindustanTimes and I was convinced to buy these, and after getting them in person, I can say I'm even more satisfied. I would say that this earphones are meant for you if you enjoy quality music rather than just like a regular music listener because its well worth the buck.

Praveen G

23rd May 2017

Product was good but...

I am very angry at these people from the courier., I asked them to deliver my product on next day and they didn't call me full day... on top of that, they spoke rude to me. I immediately called Tekfusion and thanks to their team I got the product to myself on the same day I called them.. product is very good, but courier guys are pathetic...!


22nd May 2017

It's the best i got!

These babies sound so wonderful! I would rate it a full 9/10 for its audio delivery. The rest is upto my Poweramp app, which makes this earphone a full 10/10 for me. It's a great product.


21st May 2017


I honestly loved the overall build quality and sound of these headphones. Just love to listen my music with it. And regarding it's worthiness, I can bet my life that I couldn't have found a better sounding headset at this price..


20th May 2017


Got The Earphones today. THEY ARE BEASTS. Definitely lives up to their Name TWINWOOFERS. Buy them now, they are on par with a sub 5 or 6k Earphones from any Reputed Company. TOTAL VALUE FOR MONEY!


17th May 2017

Worth it. Absolute bang for the buck!

I'm not an audiophile, but I do know my music very well. I pre-ordered mine and it was shipped well in time, about a week ago. The Twinwoofers M2 on the other hand are very well designed and built, and simply surpassed my initial expectation.

I was looking for a product that will last me longer, and this was it. Wires are almost indestructible. I accidentally put them in my washing machine once, and they survived and still work very well, which was quite impressive.

Whenever I put these on, the world goes MUTE. Complete silence, and the only thing that comes is the 100% pure music, with no disruption whatsoever. I'm glad to have these as my companion, and would surely recommend it to a friend.


17th May 2017

Best Headphones Money Can Buy..

Using this carefully crafted headset for about a week now, and I just love it. love the comfort level it provides - its just outstanding. friends, if you care for your music please go for this. you will be surprised....!


15th May 2017


First off, I would like to say that I use mostly my earphones while travelling or when working out and I was in the hunt for something that would last me long. I came across an ad for Tekfusion and liked their concept and the fact that they're into making some high performance earbuds. My ordering experience was good, as I ordered with the prepaid option and got my product within next 2 days. Tekfusion explained that pre-ordering is faster, as they use Bluedart for it, which was true.

Earphones got delivered in a nicely clean packaged box, and the pouch it came with is just a beauty to the eye. These earbuds feel very sturdy and solid to the touch, you can easily tell that these are not some crap earphones you find on amazon.

Coming to the actual performance...I did some benchmark of these earphones, was just amazed at the quality of sound they deliver is absolutely epic.! Its like listening to two large edifiers fixed in my ears. I would suggest this earphones if you are looking for a long lasting pairs and a quality product.

Aakash M

14th May 2017

Impressive headphones.

Received my pairs yesterday and ever since then I haven't plugged these babies off my ears.... Just lovin the loudness and overall clarity of my music...Like I'm hearing music for the first time... satisfied with these.


12th May 2017

Worth every cent.

I would personally declare Tekfusion my favorite Indian audio firm for making this awesome product. And my shipment was delivered to me really fast, thanks to their super fast prepaid option.

What's even more hard to believe is how good these earphones sounded when I ran through my playlist stack.

Although they recommended using burn in player, I was well off without it as they sound brilliant right out of the box.

The mic on this earphone gives a very clear call to my receiver and worked good. Last but not least, this is the most bang for the buck audio product I got in a while. Just loving every moment every, every hour, every second with it. Thanks

Suraj T.

11th May 2017

Great sound, great service..!!!

I bought the older version of this product some 2 years ago, and haven't changed the brand since then because I trust Tekfusion for their sound. After 2 years of rough usage, my old pairs got dead and finally decided that if I had to buy new earphones, it has to be the new Twinwoofers M 2.0, and none other. I'm saying this from my experience of using Tekfusion's from this long, and even though their service is not the fastest in the world, they get the job done whenever anything goes wrong during warranty period.

Coming on to the new pairs, as usual, the sound quality of these new pairs is absolutely stunning. Amazing tonal and vocal clarity, balanced sound signature and thumping bass that hits through the roof.

My order did arrive in 2 days as promised and I'm happy with these new earphones because they changed the wires, made it much stronger and just love the incredible looking matte black pairs with silver accents. Amazing experience!


10th May 2017


Trust me. I've used a bunch of higher end headphones Nd Tekfusion are among d best of these. They easily outperform some earphones in my stack that I got for over 90£ during my UK trip including my old beats by dre tours. A company this good from India wow man in shock but I love it at the same time. 100% Outlived my expectations, perhaps my wisest and best investment so far in a pair of headset. ♡♡♡


10th May 2017

Veryyyy niceeeee..

I wish Tekfusion had a gift wrap option but anyway I got this for a friend. Btw purchased with prepaid got it to me faster than usual, as suggested on call by Tekfusion. My friend who is a 4 sure die hard fan of music said it was the best gift i gave him. Glad he liked it :=)


10th May 2017

Boss of bass.

Been using it for a week now. Just my 2 cents. When you get these earphones use Tekfusions burn in player which I used for 48 hrs after unboxing. These little monsters will then turn into heavy performance BEASTS!


09th May 2017

Quality product with amazing audio.

I'm glad I bought this headset and I'm using it with my Vivo fone.... The durability of this product has made me happy because it seems like it is indestructible and invisible.... The output it gives is more like listening to a live concert with 5.1 surround sound effects.... They're just the best travel companions and an absolute bang for the buck....! Friends if you love your music then just buy this one I'm sure you will be satisfied just like I did... Just my honest opinion on this one....

Paresh M

08th May 2017

Enjoying Music to the fullest

First of all I want to thank tekfusion for shipping my pairs within next day of my prepaid order. I ordered 2 more of this earphones one for my dad and my wife. I notice that prepaid order is much faster than the regular COD. anyway coming to the earphones, they are worth every penny paid for and I am just in love with my music once again. The first thing noticed wh3n you put these earphones on is the crystal clear sound and outstanding balance. Nothing from this earphones comes too less or too much and breaking or cracking sounds is a thing of past. Just 2 words for the audio quality.. LOUD MUSIC and CLEAR MUSIC and BALANCED sound.

So pleasant to the ears that ever since I got these I have never missed a beat. For those who love bass will also enjoy this piece because the base is too good on this.


06th May 2017

It's a stunner performance.

These classy earphones comes with a very high quality pouch. The sound they produce is of utmost clarity and high bass impact somehow mimicking real world woofer system. Performance-wise I am satisfied to the core. Bill and warranty was an added benefit. And not to mention that my order arrived earlier than I expected.


05th May 2017

5 star experience......

Hands down. Wow wow. I just had a 5 star experience when I plugged these beasts into my ears. One word to describe the sound. Epic! Absolutely epic! everything about this earphones is super awesome. I tried multiple earphones before but nothing compares to this baby. Wires are very strong but with care this earphones will surely here to last for long. 5/5 and I recommend this to friends who love their music, you wont be disappointed.


05th May 2017

Just Amazing

I placed my pre-paid order and it arrived the very next day....what a quick delivery. packaging was top-notch, with bubble wrap. the earpieces don't seem heavy but look and feel immensely durable. these definitely sound better than momentums which ive tested and it cost about 6k. lets say they sound just like a full range on-ear headphones with all that bass and sound clarity. Overall, I'm happy with buying this. Surely its worth more than just its price.


05th May 2017

Safe to buy, worth the money!

My order came yesterday and it was an amazing experience to unbox this matte black goodness. I will say is this product is worth the money spent. What came as a spectacular shock initially was the punch on the bass which was incredible. Rest of the audio just smooth as butter. Love it loved it a lot. Keep up with this kind of products Tekfusion...!


04th May 2017

Blissful experience!

I don't usually review products, but this product has made me write this review. My buying experience from Tekfusion was quite smooth. I got mine with the prepaid netbanking without hassles as such. Got the product in 2 days.
As far the earphones concerned, I'm really impressed with It. It has a very decent output with ample boost to it. Earphones are not bulky to the ear and built just like a tank, in fact in the first impression I couldn't believe this was designed by our own Indian mates and that just made the deal sweet.
I'm so happy with my investment at this point and Tekfusion has surely made this country proud once again by proving that Indians can make better products. Love u guys and love the product!


03rd May 2017

Proud of owning these beast....!!

First off want to thank tekfusion for designing this beautiful product in India....Coming to my review....was very smooth process of buying experience with my order in 3 days but was worth the coming to the main thing sound....these earphones just rock it! of all my music the audio is very clean crisp and it's not at all breaking or cracking......if you love your music then just go for it, it's a big bang for the buck.....!

Manraj S

03rd May 2017

Outstandingly the best

To be honest I just feel these are psrhaps the most bassy headphones I used in a while Nd the bass on this headphones come as good as the huge dual ground zeros in my car nd the sound is very silky - the way I like my music.. 5/5
it's a steal at this price, without the shadow of a doubt.


01st May 2017

Monster sound in a tiny form.

Just amazed at how big the sound comes out of this tiny headphones. I did lot of research before buying this and I was right only Tekfusion is offering wider soundstage and open sound with great clarity at this price point.

The sound is sharp and matches the brightness of balanced armature drivers and bass is just our of this world. That deep, yes the bass is very strong on these. Just my opinion that these are a safe buy and you wont be disappointed at least I wasn't.!


30th Apr 2017

Fantastic pairs

After using about 20+ earphones, I reckon that these are the best and now my personal favourites. Loved the fast delivery and support from Tekfusion. THESE BEASTS ARE AWESOME. SOUND SO GOOD, CAN'T TAKE THEM OFF THE EARS. JUST GO FOR IT.

Kalyaan K

28th Apr 2017


Incredible, absolutely. Full bass, impressive details and when I wear them, the entire world goes mute. Magic, absolutely! The sound quality of these are way better than first edition, and its surely worth its price. Glad I bought them.


28th Apr 2017

100% Pure Sound Boosters!

It is by far my best investment..... I made a pre-order yesterday and received it today..... This piece simply boosts the sound of the phone, so it gives about upto 7 to 10 times more loud sound than any earphones I used till now..... Taking pureness of sound to a whole new level..... Plus its very easy to carry and travel with..... I'm using these during running and exercise and haven't ever fallen off from my ears as it comes with a shirt clip to keep weight off the earbuds, and this also helps you move your head, keeping them in place... Tekfusion is the brand to go for when it comes to quality sound.


28th Apr 2017

Too Good...

Purchased this last month, so I'm giving my review about my one month of experience...

Pros of this earphones:
Solid build
Strong cable
Nice hard case
Sound quality (Bass - 5/5, Mids - 4/5, Treble - 5/5)
Not overpriced

Maybe volume rocker
With that being said, I would rate this a 4.5/5 on a scale of 5, and would surely recommend it.

Hitesh P

27th Apr 2017

Best headset under 2k

I first thought why buy a 2k headphones while I have a 250 rupees earphones. So I was curious and went ahead and created my order. The team at Tekfusion were very helpful and on my request shipped it in next day only. The earphone came very nicely packed, never saw such a beautiful packaging before. When I open the pouch, the earphones looked really cool just like a high end sound system. I changed eartipa to smallest which fitted the best. When I tried them on for the first time I just said hands down... the sound is clear as ice.... felt like the live performance happening in front of me and I was simply blown away. Bass is wide and deep very smooth. Overall now I realize why it was important to spend my 2k on this earphones. I would never have thought I would experience music in this level. Thank you tekfusion guys you are the real heroes of sound. No 1 product I must say and I'm very satisfied.


27th Apr 2017

Great comfort

Been using it 4 about a month now and simply can't go anywhere without it. Earphones are very well made with aluminium very hard or impossible to break and it's wire is very hard and durable. It is worth as far as durability and sound quality goes.... just my 2 cents.


19th Apr 2017

Pre-ordered it, it will come faster!

I ordered 2 pairs of this earphones, one for myself and one for my wife. Just to test it, I first ordered with COD option and got it on 3rd day of creating my order. earphones are top-notch as far as sound is concerned. no complaints whatsoever, the bass is mostly where these earphones shine but has a very nice production of mid tones, especially voice of the singer and the instrument separation is just awesome.

After my first order, my wife loved it and so I purchased one more for her, this time with the pre-paid order and guess what? received it just on the next day. this might have happened as we live in metropolitan area but man, it was fast. Overall, highly satisfied with your product Tekfusion, keep up the good work!

Likith P

19th Apr 2017

D Best earphone. Handsdown

I didn't have any experience with Tekfusion earphones before, so I didn't expect much but wait until they came plugged to my ears, the difference of day and night. On a regular earphone you will never get the kind of sound that you get with Twinwoofers M2. These give highly refined sound, good resolution, proper balance and stupendous bass amount. Just go for it, as I don't see this spending as a waste of money, it will be surely worth. Just my 2 cents.


18th Apr 2017


I have owned the earlier edition of this product and in this review I will be doing the comparison. Purchased it on 15th, received it yesterday. thanks to the very quick delivery. Tekfusion has raised the price from 1500 to 2k, although there is a lot more you get at this price. The first and foremost thing that makes this an great product is the quality of its wire. Initially Tekfusion had an issue with the wire, but I can tell from the feel of it that its not easy to break. The other most important thing that they have improved is the sound. The frequency response on this has very less distortion and gives an impressive tonal quality and enormous bass quantity compared to the last edition.

The eartips set that I received in my previous edition is same as the new. The pouch is the newcomer in the package, which is a great addition to keep the earphones from getting lost. I have checked the sound with almost all the songs in my library and I can say that you might need a period of about 10-20 hours of burn-in as adviced by Tekfusion, after which the sound stage will widen more.

In conclusion, the Twinwoofers M2 is way more sturdy, improved cables, gives a lot more room in the soundstage, has a brilliant sound signature and at a price of 2k, it is just a steal! Surely recommended.!


18th Apr 2017

What a lovely headphone!

I was skeptical to buy these earphones at first but after I received mine, I told to myself it was worth all the money spent. the bass response is just awesome on this pairs, and this earphones have give a new meaning to my music collections. every song is sounding as though its re-composed in a utterly butterfly delicious way. Will give it a 4/5 rating.


17th Apr 2017

Perfect for all kinds of music!

What an amazing experience with Tekfusion.... Their support is cooperative and have good after sale support. I received a wrong product and they immediately took care of it within 1 day. Coming to the actual product, the product arrive to my location in 2 days. The protective carry case is really strong, can hold the earphones whenever I am not using it. The earphones have a charcoal black look, with silver lines, and it looks premium. My first impression of testing these earphones was just WOW... Plenty of minute details in the music was just epic... Big bass in a small pocket. The bass is tremendous and very smooth to the ear. I'm really satisfied with these earphones, and would surely recommend it. Sorry for my English.

Inderjeet K.

12th Apr 2017

Just go for it.

I'm really impressed with what Tekfusion has produced - Two small size earphones which products very loud sound and thunderous bass. The packaging was really good, i particularly loved the black box it came in with. Once I plugged these little monsters in my ears, it was perhaps the most satisfying feeling I got in a while. This earphones sound fantastic with any genres of music, be it hip hop, trance, rnb, Bollywood or anything else.

As of the price of the earphones, I first thought I would be crazy to spend this much on this earphones but after I received these pairs I was totally 100% satisfied with my buy. I have tried bose, sennheiser and the likes but nothing even comes close to the awesome sound of Tekfusion. Keep it up with the great work!


12th Apr 2017

Beautiful lost for words... I got my earphones in 2 days only, thank to Tekfusion's fast shipping. Coming to the earphones, I simply have no words but to say that this is the best earphones money can buy... the sound is very authentic and clean with no impurities whatsoever. I would surely recommend it. sorry as I'm not much of a reviewer just giving my personal experience.


11th Apr 2017

Excellent Sound and Build <3 <3

There's a reason y they r named Twinwoofers, and 2 my honest opinion, apart from the deep bass, which U get on these, U will be surprised with how much details it gives. Its like you are listening to Music in a recording studio, with all doors closed and AC on. Earphones do come with very high quality carry case 2 store the earphones. Its handy, like I used their previous pouch which was cloth made. Love the matte black look of the earphones, they look very classy. The wire is a very strong, unlike cheap earphones this will definitely last 4 me!

Sanjay B

10th Apr 2017

Order it with the Pre-order option, it worked faster for me..

This is a lovely product, no doubt about it, as others have stated here, the sound quality is out of this world and the product is solid like a tank, yes. I purchased these two times, first time with a cash on delivery option and another time when I wanted to purchase it for my younger brother, I used the Prepaid debit card payment.

My first order COD was delivered after 3rd day of buying it, and the pre-order with debit card was delivered the very next day before end of the day. I'm really impressed with these Twinwoofers M2, they deliver outstanding loud and clear sound, considering the price tag, they are worth more money that what you pay for.

Although people have explained how this product performs the best, but I would like to add on that it's mic is also where the product shines the most. The void that comes from other side is crystal clear and so is the voice when you not the receiver. We tried it both ways and it works pretty well. I would surely recommend this to all friends who love their music, want to spend quality time with it.

Noble George

09th Apr 2017

Astounding little monsters 😘❤️🎧

Design & comfort is awsm.... design cld have been more compact ... it's protruding a bit more than normal headphones like creative ... yeah it may be due to twin woofers seated inside ... bass is bit less compared to other headphones like Sony & creative .... hiphop songs wen we hear from Sony or creative the bass is more ... but same time in tekfusion twin woofers M2 bass is less..... worth the money spent on these twin monsters.... wearing it feels like listening to 5.1 channel woofers especially while watching action , thriller n horror movies.... woofer effect is ultimate ....last but not least mind blowing n attractive headphones .... please come up with wireless Bluetooth headphones in near future with high bass....🎧🎧😊


06th Apr 2017

Its like the Porsche of Woofer Earphones...

For a price of only 2k, I think this earphones rock it. I'm using this everywhere - on bus, plane, while traveling and relaxing. The music just got better by the day, because I am a big fan or rock songs and rock artists and these earphones are perfect for this genre, although my sister uses it to play her own favorites.
I became a big fan of this eaprhones, and Tekfusion especially for delivering this piece of history.
I recommend to use Tekfusion's burn-in player, which I did for first 3 days of getting my earphones. Everything about this earphone is a 5/5... comfort, durability, design and ofcourse the sound.


06th Apr 2017

Best of the best!

Bluedart delivered my box yesterday. The box was sealed very well with bubble wrap and polybag....After unsealing it I found an eye-catchy black is rare - I would say for an indian company to invest on such a good packaging, so I was really surprised and happy at the same time.... the inner packaging consisted of a matte black pouch which had an amazing pair of matte black earphones. They looked fresh, new, I could smell the factory right there.... Immediately I put the earphones on and Oh My GOD.... Sound was playing as if from a very high-end home theatre system....

After going through multiple tracks I realized that this earphones do stand by their name - Twinwoofers in offering bass and sound quality as expected....I would rate this a strong 5/5. No complaints whatsoever...!

Ramana VK

04th Apr 2017

It's all about tha Details!

For the very first time, I spent 2k on a pair of earphones without knowing what to expect of it. Would like to thank Tekfusion for their lightening fast delivery, as I got my product after 1 day of buying online. They told me I received it fast because I made pre-paid order, otherwise I would have received in 2-3 days. After unboxing my pairs I asked a question to myself... why didn't I buy this long back? the sound is as clear as daylight, that I didn't even dream of... I can describe the sound as loud as thunder and as sharp as a razor.

But these are actual real bass canons as well. The bass is so deep, it will feel like two overly large sized ground zeros pre-fixed in the ear canals. As far as accessories are concerned, you get great deal of eartips for a snug fit, and the complimentary carry case, which was a nice touch to it. The cable is very strong, you can use it roughly and toughly and it wont break. I'm just satisfied, and hope this review helps you as I'm just expressing what I felt about this product. I would like to thank to Tekfusion for making this. I needed it.


04th Apr 2017

Works perfectly well..

I am using this for a month now and haven't had anything to complain. Sound is exceptionally good, the cable can survive rough and tough situations and what's best is the premium pouch which helps keep the earphones new at all times. Satisfied with a thumbs up!


01st Apr 2017

Awesome! Awesome!

From a competition standpoint, Tekfusion has nailed it this time. I was previously using Klipsch Image S4 before this, that I purchased from amazon long back and which costed about Rs.4590. earphones seemed good although, after using them for about 8 months their wires broke, so I made a firm choice of going with these Twinwoofers M2.

Boy oh boy! This earphones are just exceptional sound quality for the money. And to a great extent, these have a much more durable cable than my previous Klipsch product. The soundstage is open wide as though you are sitting in a live concert and your favorite singer is performing in front of you.

I have made these my personal favorites now, and I carry them anywhere I go. I'm a wired earphone freak for life and just hate the concept of Bluetooth, which requires charging every 2 hours. Keep up the good job Tekfusion!


01st Apr 2017

Simply D Best m/

Normally I don't review products but this product made me write this review, so hoping that you find it useful. This are the most beautiful earphones I have used till now and they just sound terrific. The aluminium black matte look with silver linings make it look like a premium masterpiece. I was afraid to spend my 2k on it but once I received them I was really thrilled with the sound experience.! I wish I could post my photos on this site but I couldn't, otherwise I have taken great pics of it. Anyway I hope you find this review helpful in trusting this product.


31st Mar 2017

Amazing Customer Support From Tekfusion

My parcel arrived a little late because bluedart could not recognize my address, but it was worth the wait when I finally got my product at my doorstep. These came in a nicely packed carry case, which has sort of a matte black finishing by itself, which was beautiful and appealing to the eye. Inside the little treasure box was the real deal. The complete matte black earphones with a somehow gray black cable which seems very sturdy. As I had not used any Tekfusion products before, and yet I heard of the Brand as being the best in business when it came to sound, I thought why not give it a try.

I first put them on and listened to my first song - Ellie Goulding - Lights and then I quickly realized that these are quality headphones. Every single instrument came through clearly without any barriers. They are quite light weight when you wear them, feeling like as though you aren't wearing anything, so that comfort level is surely there.

When I put them on, the outside noise is completely blocked, feeling like there is nothing to be heard apart from the music, which is an excellent feeling when enjoying songs. I went through the burn-in period of 2 days just to be sure that I'm getting best performance, and it got better and better. The bass that was tight became more controlled and the extension went through the roof. I am glad I invested on these.


31st Mar 2017

Outstanding, Stylish and Loud

I went through about 20 different earbuds before I finally made up my mind to purchase these. Their build quality is very good compared to many plastic earbuds which you get cheaply from market. Trust me friends, I can bet my life that you will not get a product with this type of strong bass and sound in general. I'm pairing this with my iPhone and the two go very well. In fact, I have been using this to watch movies as well, and it feels just like sitting in a theatre experiencing the surround sound effects.

I would definitely recommend these as they are definitely lasting long.


31st Mar 2017

5 stars...

Got a hold my pairs just yesterday and I couldn't stop listening to music. Tekfusion has done a great job here. At a price point of about 2k, it is very hard to get this kind of sound. I'm saying this from experience because I have used earphones of upto 5k as well, and these seems to be best value-for money deal. Going back to my music...


31st Mar 2017

Nice, but...

The product is very good, the voice clarity, sound quality, bass quality and all top-notch although they could have made it in red color which I like most. Otherwise, nice product.!


30th Mar 2017

Fantastic, exceptional !

Well well... Tekfusion did ship this in 2 days as promised, thanks for the ultra-speed shipment.... Just received mine yesterday and already I can say this one of the best products Tekfusion has ever made.... I was previously using the Twinwoofers 1 series for 2 years, which was a great product on its own.... Twinwoofers M2 is a totally different beast. Its sound is much better than the older version, especially the soundstage and controlled tight bass, which doesn't over-bloat.....
With respect to music quality, I'm quite happy with these, as they have been so far so great for listening to music and watching movies and games with sound effects. The cable is quite strong too, much better compared to the 1st gen. Luckily with these, I don't have to charge them like Bluetooth phones which is kind of a bummer.....
In simple easy terms, they give bang for the buck!

James P

30th Mar 2017


These are the best in class headphones. I'm using them at my gym from past 1 month and haven't had any issues. Sound is very loud and airy. The clip helps keep the weight of the cable very less, making me feel like not wearing anything. Worth it.


28th Mar 2017


2 days back I placed my order and here it is with me today as I write this. This review will be all about my initial impressions about this product, so bare with me if you expect a long-usage review you can skip this review. So lets start off... Today when I reached home, I got my product, it came in the usual poly bag inside was a bubble wrapped packaging, it looked very neatly packed with utmost care. I took my own sweet time to unravel the mystery box just to reveal the brand new matte black box written - High-Fidelity Earphones for Android, iOS and Windows - I quickly went through the specs on the back but bothered the least to know what it meant, as I was more excited to see what was inside box.

After a while I decided to open the inner black box. A very clean matte black pouch was inside, with nothing else apart from that. I quickly opened the pouch and was mesmerized at the matte black earphones in the first look. They looked very premium from top to bottom, and had neat Tekfusion and Twinwoofers branding all over it.

I went through the multiple eartips to get an appropriate fit, and I realized I was good enough with the default ear sleeves. I like testing any audio product first with a playlist of FLAC songs, and I just plugged my earbuds in to listen to the first song and it was a blast of awesomeness in my ears. Sound so crisp, it was very hard to take off the earbuds from the ears without completion of each song. I wanted to spread this word, so I wanted my wife to try them as well, after a while my daughter came in and I gave her to try them, immediately after that they asked me to order two more of these pairs. I honestly think that if you love your music, don't buy cheap earphones, better get these. Happy listening!


27th Mar 2017

Gold standard of Earphones

First off, I hate on-ear headphones because they're huge and embarrassing to wear in public places, so I decided to get somewhat smaller and cool looking in-ears, and these were the coolest looking earphones I found.
I didn't expect much when I purchased them, but i was wrong and couldn't believe my own ears after using them for a while. If I was to describe these in three words, I would say they are balanced, natural and loud, if I was to add two more words to that, they will be attractive and comfortable.
They give an all-round sound experience, so much so that it will play any song you throw at it and you'll be left with nothing but amazement. I'm pretty impressed with the deep impact of bass and tonal clarity of the earphones. For me these are the gold standard of earphones, and I'm happy with what Tekfusion is doing at this point.


27th Mar 2017

Sheer Bass Performance.!

Words can't describe how much base is available in these Twinwoofers M2.0....Done testing with my PowerAmp app on my Oppo fone and was perplexed with what I heard.... For a prize of 1999, every rupee was well spent. Just go for it with your eyes closed.

Indra K

25th Mar 2017

Thrilling Excellent

I would not call myself an audiophile but rather an enthusiast of quality music. I searched online for a few high-end IEMs because I am a frequent traveler and during my flights I love listening to music and a good pair of earphones is all I wanted. Anyway, I ended up buying these Twinwoofers M2 headset for my travel companions and they turned out to be absolutely amazing. I pair these with my iPod and love the output. I would suggest anyone using these to give them some time to burn-in, with Tekfusion's burn-in player, and after the burn-in period, these little beasts will show their actual performance.

Im quite impressed and would love to see more products from Tekfusion in future. And btw, I loved the service of Tekfusion's 2nd day shipping, was quite fast.


25th Mar 2017

You dont need an Amp to Use them

I got these earphones thinking that they have to be used with an amp. To be honest, you will not require that, as I tried using these with amp and I didn't see any difference. These earphones are good enough to be used with an iPod or smartphone, or any other tablet. I'm using my Galaxy S6 with these and they sound brilliant. Tested it on my Sony Xperia Tab and they sound even better with the PowerAmp app if you're on Android. As other people have said here, these have great bass, it is true after I confirmed it myself. You can go for it, they're worth.


25th Mar 2017

Wow. Wow.

I planned to get these earphones after I received my new iPhone which came with the ear pods which don't fit properly. I prefer the fit of these earphones and the sound they have is much better than my ear pods earphones. Worth it for sure.


24th Mar 2017

My Full Review of Twinwoofers M2 Headset

As a die-hard music fanatic, i have owned a number of in-ear headphones, ranging from 1500 to 5000 rupees, and which also includes the older generation of Twinwoofers series. Im writing this review after i successfully got my product delivered and burned it in for about a week and tested it for another 1 week (give it or take it). Although i would hate to compare between any two earphones, I can surely tell that the new Twinwoofers M2 has set the bar higher for all my earphones under 5k. For my comparison, i would say that these earphones have out-shined three of what used to be my golden favorite earphones - Pioneer SE-CLX60, Paradigm Shift E3m, and Beyerdynamic DTX 71 iE, all of which are priced a tad higher than the Twinwoofers M2. Although its not just the price that matters, these earphones have their own pros in terms of the audio offered.

The plus point i see is that these earphones are all aluminium, which gives null rattling, thereby enhancing what i call 'cleanliness' of the audio. They have a pretty good cable, almost unbreakable when you feel at first, but does tangle a little if stored in unusual way. The earphones are noiseless in terms of the microphonics (when rubbed against a cloth).

Sound is the sector where these earphones shine the most in my opinion. The bass is clean, full of impact, and yet generous enough. The amount of bass boost present on these will eventually make you feel that you don't need any more bass than what it already offers. Both in terms of quality and quantity, you will find plenty of bass.

The clarity is great for these earphones, especially considering the midrange and higher notes, which gives the warmth, although not comparable to a 10000 rupee balanced armature earphones, although there is surely plenty of warmth to the sound when done fine tuning to the spectrum. Instrument separation is nice and tight, and all well balanced. I would rate this a hefty 4/5 for their brilliant performance.


23rd Mar 2017

Very pleased with my Twinwoofers M2

Been using this pairs for about a month now. I got these to replace my old Bose IE2 earphones, which broke within 1 year of rough use. I firstly had hesitations on purchasing this product due to the cost, although after playing around with it, I finally realized that it was very much worth it to buy this product. They handle every single song very well and in fact in some songs are handled even better than the Bose IE2s I had, they do not give any crackles at higher volumes and give a very loud sound, which is what exceeded my expectations in a product priced at this range. I once got a demo of this product at a Mall in Bangalore, and after that demo I realized Tekfusion's also does a great job in Quality audio. The only downside might be the missing volume rocker, but the overall value and cost of this earphones makes up for this lacking issue with its awesome sound. This headphones are definitely a bang for the buck at 2k.


22nd Mar 2017

worth every penny.

Worked flawlessly with my phone. And it doesn't fall from ears unlike airpods. The design is very Porsche, premium and much to my liking. Tap the remote once, and instantly changes the song to next, and tap it twice, it goes backwards. It has excellent sound, very handy design, looks great and works flawlessly well. I'm satisfied. Def recommending it to a friend.


22nd Mar 2017

Blew my mind away!

The Twinwoofers M2 headset totally lives up to their name, they offer a phenominal bass and sound experience. World Off. Music On! Hurray!

Antony M

22nd Mar 2017


These are the best in-ears I have used till date. After listening for 2 hours, I just fell in love. Don't take other people's wrong opinions unless you try this product. Excellent sound. Simply!


22nd Mar 2017

Nice. Product.

First off, thanks to Tekfusion for their awesome 2nd day delivery (that was fast and unexpected). Coming to the product review.. The packaging was quite premium, down to earth Matte Black cover with a matte black box and a matte black pouch which holds the delicious matte black Twinwoofers headset. I loved the unboxing experience. These earphones came with generous number of eartips, and I quickly changed the medium sized ones with the smallest which fitted me the best. I prefer to wear this earphones straight rather than behind the neck for extra comfort. The pouch comes with two sections, where you can store the extra eartips and your earphones when not in use. I first wanted to test my current playlist which I do with any new product, and shockingly enough I was pleasantly caught off guard with these earphones by the crispyness of sound. Although the crispy sound I refer to, does not qualify these pairs as warm sounding, but rather, I would say that they have a rather flatty response, which is perfect because you can tune them to any equalizer and they will sound great. I tried to test multiple songs, each tested with multiple equalizers and majority of the tracks tested pleasant to my ears. The earphones gives you the feeling of getting lost in your music no matter, and for certain tracks, believe me or not, I had to listen over and over just because I couldn't get enough of it. My overall experience is so good so far with these earphones. Well done Tekfusion!


21st Mar 2017

Sound (5/5) Comfort (5/5) Design (5/5)

I just received these within 2 days of my purchase. Super-fast delivery! After using several earphones in the past, these are the only earphones I came across that fitted me the best after trying about 20 different earphones, from shapeless earbuds to extra tiny earphones, these are the best in terms of fitting. Secondly, when it comes to the sound quality, the Twinwoofers M2 have so far beaten each and every single earphones I have used till date (as I have a long held connection for in-ear headphones types). These are my new favorites, and I love them. Every song sounds amazing with these babies. I would surely recommend these.

Omkar S

21st Mar 2017


These earphones sound 10x better than my the earpods. I believe that the folks at apple should hire Tekfusion for making their headphones. What else can I say. LOOOL. !


21st Mar 2017

This was a gift.!

These pairs were actually a birthday gift from my sweet elder sister. They are very comfortable to wear, give a great feeling to the music, say before using this pairs, my music was plain boring but when I put these on, Music came back to life. Just love them and thanks a lot to my lovely sweet sister for this amazing gorgeous pair of headphones...


21st Mar 2017

Just buy it. Period.

I was too skeptical and a little bit freaked out before buying this product. being a music freak, I listen to lot of music genres and I can tell from the experience of a die-hard music fan that these are the earphones you should be going for, if you care for your music. Just amazing.!


20th Mar 2017

My experience...Tekfusion has redeemed itself.. :=))

Initially I was not happy with my old Twinwoofers because of the cable for which I got it replaced twice and yet every time Tekfusion has been helpful with my warranty claim like no other company, but now Tekfusion has totally redeemed itself. With these new monsters in place, i don't see if i have to worry about the cables. the cables are very strong, even stronger than the previous two editions, and this one has got a lot better sound, the bass is thumping deep like never before, and comes with a lovely cute case for keeping my earphones from loosing. Every day when i go through my commute or even at the gym, i use my Tekfusions and i feel much better at night after listening to music. This is a total redemption and i am loving it! Thanks to Tekfusion for this beautiful product which saved my life.

S Patel

20th Mar 2017

I give it a 5 star..!

I purchased these on Friday and Boom its here with me..what a fast delivery from Tekfusion.... even though I owned the originals (Twinwoofers 1) I still wanted these so badly ever since I saw them I couldn't resist but to get them.... From years I'm using Tekfusion headphones and what keeps me wowing is the sound stage and comfort.... As I'm a tall guy the largest earbuds fits me the best, and the feeling of wearing is just supreme... I'm a travel freak and these are just great for that reason. When I put these in, the world gets silent. Its just the thing that you don't get with any ordinary earbuds... I would rate these 5/5 with an absolute satisfaction....


20th Mar 2017

Bass is there ? Yes. Crispiness is there ? Yes.

Well over a month of using these earphones I can say I made a knowledgeable choice. This earphones has a very clean bass which doesn't destroy the experience, and they have the most crystal clear sound I ever heard in a pair of earphones this size. The most exciting part of these earphones is that I can hear my music for countless hours without them falling off or being uncomfortable. It's an all in one pack.


18th Mar 2017

Loved it.

I love this earphones a hell lot. Been using since a month now, never faced any issue, in fact I pre-ordered it when It first got out and its works great on any android ive used so far. Great job!

Baman T

18th Mar 2017

Sound is great but i expected more...

These earphones are good. they are a very good companion. everything about it is good, the sound, the cable, the pouch, the only thing I expected at this price was a volume rocker, however this is just my personal opinion, you can have yours. other than that, it is a value for money, agreed!


18th Mar 2017

Extraordinaire, simply!

I don't usually review products but after receiving these I felt like I should. First of all, i would call these earphones the best in class when it comes to sound purity. I have used almost 50 earphones, mostly in-ears, of which some include cx275, MDR XB50AP, Sony XBA3, Klipsch s4 iMage, Skullcandy In-Ear Sport. Out of all this earphones, the Tekfusions Twinwoofers M2 has proven to be the winner. Why ? There are 2 reasons, the first is the vocal and treble clarity, instrument separation. The second is of course the studio quality sound experience. The bass quality and quantity works synonymous to give a very pleasant experience.

Sharma M.

17th Mar 2017

Shockingly awesome :)

Having played with these for about a week I can say that they surpassed my initial expectations. Although I would advice not to judge this monster on the first day, but to give it a generous time to break in with the burn in process suggested by Tekfusion. I've burned in mine for a hefty 72+ hours and I've realized that the bass got way more punchy and smooth and the sound became more airy. With that being said, I can confidently conclude that you won't be in for a disappointment when you get these, and I can say they are for real a value for money headset.


17th Mar 2017

Matte black. In love with the color

I love matte black color. In fact I have wrapped my bike to matte black. The earphones do compliment my phone and they look and feel premium with the chrome finishings. As far as my sound review is concerned I rate this more than any jbl, jvc or Phillips product at this range. These are ten fold better than momentum ear buds which are offered at 5k. My only concern was wires but I was surprised to find that it's highly reliable.


17th Mar 2017

Impressive sound!

Wow wow.. was amazed by lightening fast delivery of Tekfusion! Definitely absolutely superbly impressive sound. And so I want to suggest these earphones to all of you friends!

Nawazish RR

16th Mar 2017

Well designed and well received.

The product got delivered to me in 2nd day. Awsom quick delivery. This is the best sounding earphones I have found till now. The bass boost is enough to feel like you are wearing full sized studio headphones instead of tiny earbuds. Initially I thought this will not work with my iPhone 6 but I'm happy with them and keeping them.!


16th Mar 2017


The main reason I bought this pairs is because I wanted to buy a wired headset rather than wireless which requires charging every 2 hours. With this headphones - ultimate performance in form of sound and bass, and yet I don't have to charge it like a Bluetooth. Don't forget that just because the product name is Twinwoofers, it will not give clarity. In fact, I would rate the clarity of this earphones a hefty 9.5/10 and the bass 10/10 due to its extension which goes real deep. My 2 cents- better to use the Tekfusion's burn-in player for a day for even better output and then wait for the magic to happen....


15th Mar 2017


TEKFUSION always outperformed majority of brands in this price range as I have used their Ecoofers earphones before and I loved them too. It wouldn't be a mistake to call Tekfusion the design King. When I took these out of the pouch, they looked unlike anything I ever saw in-earphones. From the tiniest detail of matte black finish with silver accents, the branding, to the handsome TWINWOOFERS font, these eaprhones are killin it. What amazes me, which also makes me a hell lot proud to this day is that this is an Indian brand making such a beautiful and awesome product. I simply cannot compare these with anything I used before because they've just set an entirely new benchmark for me and my gear. I'm glad to be the owner of this product. Salute to Tekfusion! Keep up the great job!

Sachin P.

15th Mar 2017

A new definition of HD.....

My workmates recommended this earphones to me. Yes, this earphone gives a new definition of HD audio. Been using this with my one plus phone and it does the job well. Be it movies, music everything sounds crystal clear and loud with these earphones.


15th Mar 2017

Just one word.! Its a BEAST!

Received my headset today. First off, I placed order 2 days ago and received today, so I'm happy with the fast delivery. Secondly coming to sound quality i have no complaints whatsoever but to say that is just brilliantly presented to the ears. The sound is neither too bright nor over bloated bass, it is somewhere in the goldilocks region of balance. Soundstage is quite wide, as though your ears are experiencing a live concert. I would recommend this product to a friend or family member without the shadow of a doubt.


13th Mar 2017

Works for me!

I use this with my iPhone 4 and I love it's sound quality and noise isolation. Using it while traveling, in relax mode and I would say it's the best in class for the price of a little under 2k. I'm getting one more for my brother as he loves mine.


13th Mar 2017

Just get it!

I really didn't know what to expect when I hit the buy button but now I realize it was worth it to try these. Been burning in my pairs from past 2 Days and it's getting better every moment I use them. I recommend burning in these babies with tekfusion burn in player to get even more puncher bass after 3 days.


11th Mar 2017

Dont go for budget earphones, buy this one. Reason...

I received these earphones today - genuinely worth the price...... Sound is very soothing to the ears, and incredibly loud as i expected them to be. Now i realize why these cost that much...... It takes your music to whole new level..... The best thing about them is they're Rock solid built, just like a tank. Even then, i would say its better to use them carefully...... From playlist to playlist, you can keep going on without stopping.... loved d experience friends...


11th Mar 2017

Proud to own this budz

This is not my first Tekfusion product, so I can easily see a lot of improvement over my previous Twinwoofers 1 headphones. Now I'm reviewing this roughly 3+ weeks of playing around with these headset. Tekfusion has surely stepped up their game after releasing this.


10th Mar 2017

More than just Bass, it is Perfect Sound...

I'm reviewing this roughly one month after I tested them with all sorts of mobiles, multiple movie, gaming and music apps on both android and ios. One word. Perfection. Period. There is no other way to describe these earphones. Bang for the buck!

Dave P

10th Mar 2017

It's a masterpiece!

I was very hesitant to buy these earphones and have been thinking for weeks before I finally decided to give them a try. The thing is that I have a problem with my sleep which doesn't happen unless I listen to my music in real silence at night to put me to sleep. I was looking for a excellent pair of earphones that can solve this issue and I stumbled upon these. Twinwoofers M2 is giving me exactly what I wanted. Good nights sleep and clear music in my total silence. Not to mention that this is total worth for every penny I spent. If you're looking for very clear sound, punchy bass and great build piece then I would recommend it!


06th Mar 2017

Great product..

After my dog ate my earphones that came with my Galaxy s6, I decided to go for a better pair of headphones and this earphone caught my attention. I made my purchase 2 days back and today it got delivered. Thanks to tekfusion for the fast delivery! Coming to the quality of the packaging, there was premium written all over it (not literally). Packaging was simple and top-notch for the price. The pouch came with a pair of earphones and several earsleeves and I quickly tried them all to make sure I get a good fit. Luckily the smallest eartips fitted me the best. I plug the 3.5mm jack to my phone and I was dumb-found and shocked at the depth and clarity of the sound. Played my first song - Chained to the rhythm, followed by Body like a Back Road... I kept playing and playing without noticing the time. Bass-wise, these earphones hit the jackpot and clarity-wise, they are the best I ever found at a price of 2k. This is worth all the money I paid and I'm satisfied with the product.

Krishnan P

01st Mar 2017

Best earphones under 2k? Yes it is!

I would like to cut the crap and get to the point so that anyone reading this review can save their time. After spending around 5 hours searching for different earphones that fitted my budget of 2k, I realize that only Tekfusion headphones are providing metal case with high-fidelity output and a good carry case, with its headset supporting android, and ios at same time. After getting my pairs, I tested then with my father's old nokia and walla. This thing works with anything you try it on. These are the best earphones you can get at under 2k, which I can tell blindly because you pay what you get here. Perfect sound, quality materials and a great travel case. Go for it with your eyes closed, trust me its worth your money!


27th Feb 2017


This is a great product, I was using Klipsch s4 before, and this one is better than that in terms of the soothing sound, tone clarity and bass. Recommending it, if you love your music


21st Feb 2017

Satisfied to the Core!

I was seeing ads of this product even before I purchased them, so I had been waiting for them to come out.....! My experience with other brands before using these earphones has been disappointing to the least...... I tried several earbuds before, but nothing comes even close to my new Twinwoofers M2 earphones, they are comfortable to wear, giving proper fit, because I wear glasses, so they don't come on the way, and the cable is very sturdy.... The best thing about these earphones though, is the sound which is so clear that you won't believe what you are hearing..... Tried several earphones, nothing compares to Twinwoofers M2! Love it, simply and highly recommending it to all friends who love music.....!!!!

Karan S

17th Feb 2017

Clarity and Bass At Its Best

As a bass-head, and a music lover, upon testing these headphones with many of collections from my rap, hip hop & R&B songs, I can say that they have surpassed my expectations.. All I can say is that Tekfusion is doing an amazing job as a brand by delivering very crips, clear audio at all volumes, and the fidelity of these earphones is way better than expected at this price range. I can see that Tekfusion is giving a direct competition to brands like bose and sennheiser, and it's doing a well job too as an Indian brand. I'm proud to have my Twinwoofers M2, and would love to see more products coming from Tekfusion in future.!

Haris A

14th Feb 2017

Twinwoofers M2 - Excellence in every aspect!

This time Tekfusion has hit the nail on the head. I was worried about the quality of the cable but to my surprise, the cable is very sturdy. The product came with very clean packaging especially the outer box looks really high quality. Inside the outer box sleeve I found another black box with a good quality sturdy pouch that is matte black in color. Pouch has so many ear tips, which is a plus point because normally not always will all ear tips fit me but this time Tekfusion's smallest earbuds were perfect for my ears. Coming to the sound quality, these earphones just blew me away with two things. The first was the stunning crystal clear audio - this is good especially for someone like me who listens to all music genres including instrumentals. The bass is just phenomenal and well controlled within its limits, so it does not bloat when you crank up the volume. After using them for a day or two, and after some burn-in period, I must say my purchase was not in vein, and I would like to highly recommend these earphones to everyone who is serious about their music.


13th Feb 2017

100% Worth Buying!

Got my Twinwoofers Matte Edition 2.0 delivered to me today and I can't express how excited I am about my new earphones. First thing I did was to plug them in and I was just left speechless. The level of sound is so high, you can hear shiny sparkles of instruments and when it came to trying some bassy songs, I was simply blown away. I scrolled my hip hop playlist to hear Tyga - Faded, and was simply amazed at how deep the impact of the bass went. I'm honestly very satisfied with these earphones. Now its time for me to load my phone with new songs. Thumbs up to Tekfusion for such an amazing product!


09th Feb 2017

one more master piece from Tekfusion

I received the product on 8th feb. There is really a huge improvment in the presentation of the package compared to its previous version.However I felt it could have been better but that`s not at all a deal. The hard case is really tough to protect this lil monster. Build Quality - on a scale of 5, i would give 4. The wire seems to be durable.However the wire joining the earpiece would be a problem if you don`t handle with care. Sound : Awesome is the only word to describe the sound from this monster. I was really amazed as soon I hooked these to my ears and played a song. The sound is so bright and you can hear each and every single instrument. I really loved the instrument seperation. Bass is outsanding( deep, tight and punchy )without distorting the treble and vocals. Note : Burn the earphones with different sounds for few hours to get the best out of this lil monster. Over all i`m damn happy with the purchase and thanks to tekfusion. Tekfusion team , you guys already proved that you are good at making iems , however we are expecting more stuff like(over the ear headsets, bluetooth headsets etc).


08th Feb 2017

Superb Audio Quality and Bass.....

It was worth the wait! I might have been the first to order this in Jan, and now that I received it..... I can say it is worth every penny. It came with very stylish, simple and elegant packaging. Upon unboxing and hearing music with my Twinwoofers for first time, I was able to hear the slightest beats in music and the bass is incredibly strong. For 2k, it is absolutely worth it. Go for it with your eyes closed...!

Bhaskar S

07th Feb 2017

Received my delivery..

Just received my order today and I am lost for words. The sound quality is superrrrrbbbbb. The audio clarity is out of this world, more clear sounds than I could ever hear, and the bass is verrrrryyyyy deeeppppp.... Just a perfect product from Tekfusion - I loved it!!


20th Jan 2017


Finally found a headset which I can use without worrying about noise..... I was earlier using some other brands but not happy with the sound. After going through a half a dozen of brands, I am finally going to give these a try....


19th Jan 2017

Wonderful and good for Gym too.!

I use my earphones at the gym a hell lot. My previous edition of twinwoofers which survived insane torture for 3 years, and came out of my washing machine a dozen times alive, proving the test of time and durability of Tekfusion headphones. I honestly tried other brands like sennheiser and jbl got rid of them after getting twinwoofers because they just sound too plasticky and unnatural in terms of sound quality for me. These twinwoofers on the other hand has a very natural sound, even when you turn the volume up. The sound quality and bass on this is the best you could ever get for in a pair of headphones. Worth every penny... I can go for it anytime with eyes closed!


19th Jan 2017

Ordered it for my iPhone 7.

I love my phone and was looking for a good headset to match with my lovely phone. I liked the design and price tag on these earbuds. Great job for the new design..Waiting for delivery.


17th Jan 2017

Greetings from the States

Love the concept about this product, great design, read great reviews on head-fi, and placed my order. I live in Phoenix, hope it reaches me soon...


17th Jan 2017

Outstanding design, and wonderful sound

I'm a user of twinwoofers for quite a long time I cant remember. 2 years back its cable had failed and thanks to Tekfusion's wonderful customer support they got that fixed. I'm buying this particularly because of cable and the fact that I love Tekfusion's sound quality more than any brand.

Abdul K

16th Jan 2017

Bought it. So,

lets see how it goes. I have given an order too. My friend was using the one product from this company called Ecoofers, and after listening to those it was like the best feeling I ever got when listening to some songs. One song by Haifa Wehbe - Ezzay Ansak. outstanding performance, excellent bass and great instrumental capacity just for trial, loved it overall.


16th Jan 2017


I'm seriously in guys... just done with ma order of these... heard that you can't get anything better at this price.. gonna couple these bad boys with my MacBook and iPhone to see the magic happen. great job on tekfusion... you guys are rocking!


16th Jan 2017


I love to listen to my music for 2-3 hours everyday on my old tekfusion twinwoofers, which were incredible, especially considering the base and tonal quality, but after using them for 3 years, they are approaching end of their life, so I'm definitely ordering these. Kudos!


14th Jan 2017

Buying it for my new phone.

Ever since I got my first product from Tekfusion I never missed a beat. I trust the sound and quality of the tekfusion products. I'm getting this for my Galaxy Note 5 new phone that I just got today.


10th Jan 2017

I'm in....ordered.

Given order just now...... I was looking for a good headset for my iPhone and just found one...... Tekfusion makes awesome designs, keep it up with the good job! Waiting for my deliver.....


09th Jan 2017

Buy it for 2 reasons

I'm ordering this because of two reasons. 1st is of course the sound quality - tekfusion makes bose and sennheiser sound dull yes, sound is true HD in every aspect, . 2nd reason is improvement in the cable, 3 years back I got my twinwoofers first edition which had a fragile cable and this looks much better.

Pavan O

09th Jan 2017

Preordered for my Oppo F1s!

Can't wait to get mine. One of the most unique looking earphones I have seen till now. As per what I researched, they have great bass and sound quality, which is what I'm looking for to couple with my new Oppo F1s. !


09th Jan 2017

Best earphones ever. Period.

I'm stuck with tekfusion earphones from almost half a decade because of their excellent audio quality is best of any brand can offer. simply love their products, even better than most international brands. good job and keep making good products. Pls ship asap. !


07th Jan 2017

Finally ordered mine.

Can't wait enough to get my hands on it. My daughter Loves her ecoofers and was just waiting for this headset for my Note 5. Kudos for this!


07th Jan 2017

Pre-ordered and waiting for delivery now

Will post detail review once receive the product but why so much wait :-(

Tejas S

06th Jan 2017

love design, Getting it!

Found so many great reviews of Tekfusion brand, so congrats on that! Coming to the headset, I definitely got to have them as my first headset for my iPhone7. Great job and keep it up!


06th Jan 2017

Wow! Looks great.

After roughly and toughly using my old Twinwoofers for 2 years, I think its time for me to upgrade. Just placed my order, now lets see how it goes..


06th Jan 2017


Price is not bad, considering what you get with them. Ordered these for my galaxy note 4 because I didn't like the default earphones which Samsung is supplying... These babies will be used for my workouts and travel, feeling of anticipation is killing me now...


05th Jan 2017

Good earphones. Ship it sooon to me.......

One of ma friend got a Twinwoofers (first edition) for his birthday, and ever since I plugged them, couldn't unplug them from ma earz because of the strong bass. Glad to see the mic'd edition with a tough cable. Waiting for my delivery now...

Ganesh B

04th Jan 2017

Count me in too

I'm Feeling excited about receiving my pairs in next month. I'm a die hard user of the Twinwoofers original earphones, been using it for almost 4 years now, and just can't compare its sound quality to any other brand!


04th Jan 2017


Read a lot of good reviews about Tekfusion headphones, and I just made an order. From the pics they look amazing, hope they sound as amazing as they look..!


03rd Jan 2017

Just placed my pre-ordered.!

I'm excited to get my product. I love my old Twinwoofers, as it is simply the best when it comes to sound quality. Can't wait to get my headset delivered to me! Will post a full review after getting it.