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Change your way of listening to Music!

“Every beat is important”. - This is the principle that led to the genesis of the Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones. Their built-in HD dynamic speaker systems yield dynamic bass and a high level of audio precision that gives you a topnotch music-listening experience.


All-Metal Chassis

The Twinwoofers® have an all-metal housing that gives them more rigidity compared to any ordinary in-ear headphones. This guarantees their long- term companionship with music lovers.


Ergonomic Housing

The ideal hourglass shape eases handling of the headphones, and is ideal for performing activities such as replacing the eartips and cleaning the dust caps. This unique shape gives them a natural feel when holding. The wearing experience is also enhanced due to this design, as the far edge of the housing will rest perfectly on your ear’s antitragus.


Light Weight

The Twinwoofers chassis weighs only 7.5g without the cable. This ultra-light weight design allows longer hours of music enjoyment without strain. Moreover, the clothing clip keeps cable’s weight off the housing so you won’t feel the weight while wearing the headphones


Look & Feel

Black evokes sophistication and power while white represents purity and peace. We believe that these two signify the power of attraction and style. The Black Chrome Edition of the Twinwoofers has a partial matte and partial gloss finish on the chassis, while the White Chrome Edition has a partial white and black glossy finish. The Twinwoofers therefore match with any colored devices.


Fitting & Comfort

Every individual has different size of ear canals; as a result, you can choose from small, medium to large eartips to give you a perfect fit in your ear canal for a snug fit. The skin-friendly silicon eartips gives you the comfort so that you can experience your music for longer hours.


Dynamic Speaker Design

Twinwoofers has built-in HD dynamic speakers, giving you unbelievable sound experience. The 10mm dynamic drivers are designed to accurately re-produce sound, giving you a wide-range frequency response. You therefore get to hear your music more clearly than an ordinary pair of in-ear headphones. The drivers are optimized to deliver deep and precise bass giving you the feeling of a subwoofer in your ears.


All-Metal Chassis

The all-metallic structure of the Twinwoofers attenuates unnecessary resonance which is one of the major sources of noise in many other in-ear headphones. Get pure and distortion free sound.


Sound Isolation

With any of your preferred pair of eartips, sound is isolated well enough, so that you can enjoy your noise-free music in busy places, weather you are on a plane, bus, or any other noisy environment, let nothing get between you and your music!



Most devices today have a 3.5mm audio jack for compatibility with headphones. The Twinwoofers are therefore compatible with all portable media players and mobile devices with a stereo jack, as it has a standard 3.5mm gold plated plug. This gives you several options to play your pair of Twinwoofers with portable game consoles, mobile phones, portable media players, PCs, and tablets.



A complete Cable Management system is what you need to use your cable effectively. The Twinwoofers cable system includes a Cable Clip which keeps cable's weight off earphones, and Cable Slider that allows cable adjustment. The cable is symmetric, enhancing your wearing experience.


Storage & Protection

The Twinwoofers come with a high-quality protective carry pouch in which you can store your pair when not in use. This will allow you to protect your earphones from dust, debris, and will keep them new for long. You can carry your pair with you wherever you go so you can listen to your music anywhere.



Download the Twinwofers Manual to learn more about the product specifications and usage guidelines. The manual also indicates on the terms and conditions of the limited 1 year warranty, and the procedure to claim it.


30th Jan 2018

A genuine product from an Indian make

U can hear almost every instrument with perfect differentiation without mix-ups.Even the song that you've heard 100's times will sound new to u.Jus go for it worth every penny.

23rd Sep 2017

Unbeatable with price tag !!!

My friendship with this piece of wonder entered to 4th year. I used almost dozen of headphones and a bit of choosy too. Currently, I've four different headphones as over the ear and in the ear (expensive than this) . I love the way twinwoofer produce waves of music with lows, highs and deeper clear bass that I never felt this way with Sony MDR XB and Sennheiser OCX 686i. Pros: 1. Price 2. Sound Quality 3. Carry Pouch Cons: 1. Wire Quality


04th Aug 2017

Decent headphones for its price...

I have been using my old pair of Twinwoofers for almost 3 years and decided to go for the newer M 2.0 which works and sounds much better, and has 10 times better durability. Love these products...!


02nd Aug 2017

Not as expected from an indian brand...

The build quality seemed very plastiky and quality was not up to the mark as marketed. Comfort was okay but sound was very mushy. Maybe it is not my type of earphones but this is just i experienced with this model. Suggesstion : improvement needed.


21st Jun 2017

Amazing earphone love it guys super Bass

Awesome design Awesome sound & Powerful BASSSSSSSSSSSSSS WOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!😎

Naresh T

20th Jan 2017

unmatcheable audio quality earphones

Have been using these earphones from half a decade (almost 5 years). I bought it only twice, so its life is about 2-3 years, love the sound quality, simply awesome, the bass is up to the mark, and no complaints whatsoever with the customer support.


26th Oct 2016

Awesome bass.....

got mine delivered 2dayy and I can't stop listening to my music with these headphones! Every beat is clear as crystal and bass is deepest it could get. I've never imagined I would hear music in this way! Wow wow wow!!


26th Oct 2016

Best earphones ever!

The earphones are great with literally any smartphone. Have been listening to ma hip hop, and endless rock concerts with this, for me, simply d best experience!


17th Oct 2016

Awesome... Worth it!

I used this earphones for about a week now, and I do not have any complaints... The sound is terrific for the price, the highs and the tonal clarity is there..... What concerned me before I received them was about the comfort but its easy-peasy to wear and definitely for me, it was worth every penny!


04th Oct 2016

Good sounding earphones

Got my product shipped to United States within 10 days, but it was worth the wait. Audio quality is brilliant, loved it. If you are in US and you purchased this, make sure you clear it from your customs or ask Tekfusion to send it as a gift. Just my 2 cents.

V Hrishi

22nd Sep 2016

Beasts after burn-in... Highly recommended...

Been using this for over a week now, so a few things to note: 1) this earphone require burn in, yes - you can use Tekfusion's burn-in player for this 2) soundstage is very decent, mid-and high tones are crystal clear 3) the bass is very deep, and it extends all the way, especially after 48 hours burn in. Overall, definitely recommended earphones to all!

Chandru R

20th Sep 2016

Super Duper Fine..!

I placed my order on 17th, and on 19th I got these, so thumbs up! ok, having used this earphone for about 24 hours, I can say that I made a right choice. Premium is the word here. Premium sound, premium design, and premium experience! Simply love the earphones, thanks to tekfusion!


16th Sep 2016

Lovin' it big time!

Today I received my shipment and simply Love these earphones to the core!!! What else can I say... Big sound in small package, absolutely!


13th Sep 2016

Excellent earphones

Having read all reviews, I decided to go for this twinwoofers earphones...I loved the fast delivery, good packaging and simply love the design of this earphones.. They look outstanding and sound like gold.! Treble and the mids give you the feeling of being in a real concert. Bass is also great, not too overpowering...! Will surely recommend!


11th Sep 2016


Couldn't ask for more. They are light, comfortable and deliver every beat of music in its truest form. If you love your music, your bass and want something premium look for headphones, go for these!

Tony R.

07th Sep 2016

Amazing Soundstage and Imaging m/

As my title says, the imaging and sounstage of these Twinwoofers is far wide and fantastic. The bass is spot-on, and so are treble and midrange. Absolutely worth the money spent!


06th Sep 2016

Better than expensive monster and beats headphones.

In terms of price, the sound, durability and comfort, I would rate this product 5/5. The sound quality of Tekfusions I always trusted, and I'm a 3 year user of Tekfusion products, and never used any other brand. Love the service, the sound and great comfort of these headphones! You can go for them with eyes closed..!

Srinivasulu M

02nd Sep 2016

Best earphones for workout!

After placing my order they were shipped on the next day, so great experience with that!. Parcel I received was in superb condition, without any wear and tear. The earphones look and feel as if built solid like a tank, and coming to the sound quality - you can't beat these with anything, absolutely! Sound is crystal clear, bass is smooth, not much distortion, overall satisfying sound. I will be using these earphones for my workouts, at the Gym and also during traveling.


31st Aug 2016

A nice deal

Great service, got the product within 2 days as promised. Packaging was good, quality-wise. A must have for anyone looking for sturdy headphone with good sound and bass, couldn't ask for more. Worth it!


30th Aug 2016

Ju$t heaven on earth...!

I'm surprised! just got my hands on these pairs. Definitely something I would recommend. Sounds pretty decent for the price, especially bass. Now trying to burn them in the beasts.


25th Aug 2016

Terrific sound. CLARITY at its best!

Delivery experience was pretty fast.... Coming to the earbuds... I'm stunned by the sound quality! Yes, I have never heard such a clear sound coming out of my phone. Just amazed at the quality of clarity...! Honestly love these earbuds for purity in voice and quality..Worth it absolutely......

Chawla M

23rd Aug 2016

Nice one! Loved the quality!

I ordered these pairs on 20th, and today received them! Awesome fast delivery. The package came with several different eartips of which I prefer to use the small size. Earphones looks great, the design is pretty nice, and the sound quality is the main thing here. For the price i paid, it is worth every penny!


18th Aug 2016

Best Earphones Under 1.5k

Everything about this earphones is super-cool... the sound is the best money can buy under Rs. 1.5K, and the fit and comfort is great too... Bass is also outstanding for this price.


17th Aug 2016

Great Product

I was surprised to get my earphones within 2 days. Packaging was great, and neat. Coming to the sound quality... nice soothing sound quality, with crystal clear audio, and the bass is plenty..!


02nd Jul 2016

Love these earphones!

These absolutely blew me away once I received and went through Tekfusion burn-in guide!! The sound quality is on par with impressive quality. But the Tekfusion’s became an instant favorite! Amazing balance of sound with definite smooth bass, as they are acclaimed to have.!